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These rights and duties derive their origin, their sustenance, and their indestructibility from the natural law, which in conferring the one imposes the other.
A recent report (Rayfield, 2002) suggests that the job of a principal is complex and difficult, and many duties of the principalship are not identified as positive factors in job satisfaction.
Whereas duties to others have become an accepted part of moral theory, duties to the self have not: many people who are not skeptical about duties in general are skeptical about duties to the self.
Three trade laws exist for firms and industries looking to fight "casting dumping"--Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and the Escape Clause (Section 201).
To document the number of officers slain and draw attention to activity type, type of call for service, and duties being performed at the time of the attack.
The court speaks to the environment and factors facing the archivist in making the decisions he or she made and to the archivist's discretion in addressing those issues in the discharge of his or her duties.
The rationale for providing workers' compensation benefits to sheriff's personnel injured in off-duty sports is based on a 1978 workers' compensation law amendment that excluded injuries that arise ``out of voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity not constituting part of the employee's work-related duties, except where these activities are a reasonable expectancy of .
The prohibition against duties of tonnage does not extend to charges made by a state as a reasonable compensation for services rendered to and enjoyed by a vessel.
A potentially serious trade dispute between the United States and the European Community over antidumping duties imposed on EC steel products was averted when the U.
According to the traffic program finalized on the special directions of IGP Islamabad Bani Amin Khan to ensure smooth traffic flow on this important occasion, route duties will be in position two hours before arrival time of all VVIPs.
PARIS (ICIS News)--The European Commission has proposed that definitive antidumping duties are re-imposed on potash (potassium chloride) exports into the European Union (EU), from Russia and Belarus.
Because he is the president and an officer in the clinic, and before accepting a board position, Smith should fully disclose his position and duties as the clinic's president to the hospital and his position and duties as a hospital director to the clinic.