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Flying Dutchman

A name that can apply either to a legendary ship, whose ghostly wreckage is said to be sometimes seen in times of bad weather near the Cape of Good Hope, or to the captain of this ship, who must sail until Judgment Day. I swear, I saw the Flying Dutchman during that last storm. Every time I take out my boat, I'm reminded of the Flying Dutchman, and how he is doomed to sail the seas until kingdom come.
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I'm a Dutchman

Used to highlight something that one finds to be extremely unbelievable or completely unacceptable. If used in the construction "or I'm a Dutchman," it indicates that the speaker thinks it is very unlikely that what they said will prove to be untrue. If this player is considered to be the best in the league, then I'm a Dutchman. She's going to win the award for Best Actress or I'm a Dutchman.
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I'm a Dutchman

used to express your disbelief or as a way of underlining an emphatic assertion. British
1994 Ian Botham My Autobiography I read somewhere that Warne said he had been possessed by demons. Well, in that case I'm a Dutchman.
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The Dutchman brings strong claims to the table after opening his account for his new trainer when dominating his rivals in the Peter Marsh Chase at the Merseyside venue last month.
Irish raider Fine Rightly tried to get close but he was soon struggling and The Dutchman went on to win by 13 lengths from Captain Redbeard (12-1), who had won the Tommy Whittle Chase at Haydock over Christmas; and another winner at the Merseyside track, Hainan (6-1), stayed on to be third ahead of Yala Enki.
For a start, a company of the size of Opera North would find a fully staged Ring cycle out of the question, but a Flying Dutchman falls within its resources.
This prompted the Dutchman to argue with court police officers stating angrily that he had already served nine months in prison for no reason and that his passport is confiscated, forcing him to remain in the country for another month or so until his next appearance in court.
Though strained during the Act I monologue, Thomas Ghazeli was a moving Dutchman whose acting was probably stronger than his singing.
The Flying Dutchman CBSO at Symphony Hall Some operas work in concert-performance, others don't.
The Dutchman, 23, threw a nine-dart finish on the way to beating James Wade 6-4 to book a place against Taylor in today's eagerly-anticipated showdown.
After Bayerns 2-1 victory over Bochum in the German Cup on Tuesday-during which the Dutchman was handed a yellow card in the 41st minute for simulation-the Dutchman held up his hands.
Dutchman Hasselbaink is reunited with Reds boss Steve McClaren, who managed the Dutchman at Middlesbrough as part of the team which reached the Uefa Cup final in 2006.
Summary: Guus Hiddink's agent has said the Dutchman will not quit his role as Turkey manager to become the new Chelsea manager.
Giovanni was frozen out at Barcelona in the late 1990s when the Dutchman took over from Bobby Robson as gaffer.
April 15 2010 - Big Dutchman has equipped 25 million places for laying hens with their aviaries using the NATURA product family, the company said.
In response to a question, the Dutchman ruled out a job share similar to the one he experienced with Russia and Chelsea last year.
The Dutchman, whose existing contract expires in summer 2010 following the finals, had announced towards the end of Russia's qualifying campaign that any questions about his future would be dealt at with at a later stage.
The Flying Dutchman and Voltigeur met for the first time in the 1850 Doncaster Cup.