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Flying Dutchman

A name that can apply either to a legendary ship, whose ghostly wreckage is said to be sometimes seen in times of bad weather near the Cape of Good Hope, or to the captain of this ship, who must sail until Judgment Day. I swear, I saw the Flying Dutchman during that last storm. Every time I take out my boat, I'm reminded of the Flying Dutchman, and how he is doomed to sail the seas until kingdom come.
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I'm a Dutchman

Used to highlight something that one finds to be extremely unbelievable or completely unacceptable. If used in the construction "or I'm a Dutchman," it indicates that the speaker thinks it is very unlikely that what they said will prove to be untrue. If this player is considered to be the best in the league, then I'm a Dutchman. She's going to win the award for Best Actress or I'm a Dutchman.
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I'm a Dutchman

used to express your disbelief or as a way of underlining an emphatic assertion. British
1994 Ian Botham My Autobiography I read somewhere that Warne said he had been possessed by demons. Well, in that case I'm a Dutchman.
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Earlier this month, Green Organic Dutchman said it had applied to have its stock listed on the NASDAQ market.
Five laps later, Verstappen again attempted an inside pass on Leclerc going into Turn Fifteen but the Frenchman would have none of it, passing the Dutchman on the outside to immediately reclaim the position.
The Dutchman, despite the semi-professional structure of the domestic league, managed to pick up a balanced side comprising talented youth and experienced players who delivered even against strong teams.
Ruth Paton's designs are fascinating and resourceful, director Thomas Guthrie sets the production in vaguely modern dress - the Dutchman is after all doomed to sail the seas throughout eternity - and gives his chorus much to do, not least in the stylised trudging movements which convey the progress of the two ships, one a bluff Norwegian trawler, the other the zombie-crewed ship of the Dutchman.
Formerly trained by Berwickshire handler Sandy Thomson - who will be saddling his first Grnad National runner with Seeyouatmidnight - The Dutchman is no stranger to Merseyside race fans, having run at Aintree's sister track Haydock Park three times this season.
The leading northernbased jockey thought his chances of riding The Dutchman again were slim after he moved to Dorset to join Colin Tizzard prior to the start of this season, but with the likes of Harry Cobden and Robbie Power otherwise engaged, Cook is relishing the opportunity to renew the partnership in this weekend's three-and-ahalf-mile Grade Three feature.
Yanic Wildschut is a 26-year-old Dutchman who currently plays for Championship side Norwich City.
In a surprise display of mental dexterity, Frances managed a polite giggle while simultaneously wearing a worried "Who the hell is the Flying Dutchman? Should I know who the Flying Dutchman is?" look on her face.
The 27-year-old is one of Benitez's favourite players and he trusts the Dutchman inherently.
REVIEW Production: The Flying Dutchman by Opera North Venue: Leeds Town Hall Reviewer: Ron Simpson ..
Paris, Jumada II 17, 1436, Apr 6, 2015, SPA -- French special forces on Monday freed a Dutchman held hostage since being kidnapped in 2011 by extremists in Mali, the government said.
If it weren't for the efforts of Rivka Ben-Pazi, the role Henk Zanoli played in saving her uncle Elhanan Pinto Hameiri's life during the Holocaust might never have come to light, nor would the Dutchman and his late mother have been awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medal from Yad Vashem in 2011 for his courage.
Mata is now a part of a squad enthused by the arrival of Van Gl, with the Spain star having already been singled out for the number 10 role by the Dutchman.
In maritime tradition, the Flying Dutchman is a notorious ghost vessel, doomed to sail the seas forever.