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The 2016 Television Critics Association summer press tour reunited Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer with cast members Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder onstage to talk fan theories, inter-dimensional rifts and sweet, sweet nostalgia.
Duffers and pros alike can "tee-up" now that the eagerly awaited Escena Golf Club is open for play -- establishing itself as the first new public golf course to debut in the City of Palm Springs in 20 years.
The Duffers are so relaxed, even when the pressures are high,' said Joe.
The result was: 1st Linfit Linda's team, 2nd Lost the Plot and 3rd The Duffers.
Marlborough Golf Club is the venue and there are usually about 50 teams competing and prizes down to 15th place, "so duffers are most welcome too".
The five duffers in its Relegation Zone include Newton Higher Income (worth pounds 3.
By marketing the course as a "private golfing sanctuary," that label applies for both duffers and wildlife alike.
Anyway, no doubt the usual suspects will be there - the duffers, bluffers, huffers, puffers and free food-stuffers to kiss Condi's butt
The latest collection of gaffes: Tuffers' Duffers is out tomorrow presented by former England spinner Phil Tufnell - and we've got a superb prize to give away.
But the old duffers in blazers are spluttering into their gin and muttering about legal action.
I can just imagine how impressive it will be as Stockport County and all the other duffers emerge from the players' tunnel to take on the Blueboys.
Based on EA's exclusive PGA TOUR and Tiger Woods licenses, this is where online duffers can crush a drive, snake in a birdie putt or hit 300+ yard drives like Tiger.
Camp beds were set up and staff were so worried about some of the old duffers passing out, or passing away, they had medics on standby.
Marketing merchants follow the latest whim and if it ruins a pleasant day out, hard luck for us old duffers.
Librans and Scorpians are 33 times more likely to be good at football than those unfortunate duffers born under Cancer and Leo, apparently.