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8 : to get as a response <The speech drew cheers.
Three years later what would become another important point on the FWF timeline occurred when Drew joined the firm as a part owner and manager of the Beaverton location.
left to right) Timothy and Judy McCormally, Chuck and Jo Shewbridge, Reg and Doreen Kowalchuk, Drew and Jean Glennie, Raoul and Therese Gratton, Peggy and Tom Nee.
that shaped it, and on the possible benefits or difficulties it will create, Drew relates the narrative of John McCain's labors to get the bill through Congress.
To her credit, Drew did make the astute decision that her mission in 1996 would be to cover the struggle for control of the House of Representatives.
When 10 western Democratic senators led by Montana's Max Baucus objected to provisions in Clinton's first budget that increased grazing fees and established mining royalties on public lands, Drew writes, Clinton quickly arranged a meeting without notifying Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt (who supported the long-overdue reforms).