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The remaining hours of the morning passed away pleasantly enough, in looking over the drawings, arranging them in sets, trimming their ragged edges, and accomplishing the other necessary preparations in anticipation of the business of mounting them.
Elton was to take the drawing to London, chuse the frame, and give the directions; and Emma thought she could so pack it as to ensure its safety without much incommoding him, while he seemed mostly fearful of not being incommoded enough.
The husband of Princess Betsy, a good-natured fat man, an ardent collector of engravings, hearing that his wife had visitors, came into the drawing room before going to his club.
Oh, you can do them without learning," said Philip; "I never learned drawing.
Done in colored markers, pen and pencil, the drawings that went on display Friday were done as Levitt sat in a train station in Mexico, beside an Oregon beach or elsewhere his travels took him.
This is when the concept becomes clear enough to develop its own identity, or when the first drawings have choreographed the idea to produce a sufficiently confident parti.
The compositions of these two different bodies of work also have an odd resemblance: The zinc planes are variously sized and eccentrically arranged, as are the tangled lines of the drawings.
Challenge: At one time, individual engineers typically vaulted their drawings on various network locations and on their own computer's hard drives.
Fransisca: In my drawings, I am free to pour out all my ideas.
Setting the stage for this discussion, Rosand introduces the lines of Apelles and Parrhasios, two drawings particularly celebrated in antiquity.
Toward these ends, this study used drawings and the written descriptions that accompanied them to gain insight into how prospective educators understand and depict teaching.
Another innovation is "virtual folding," which allows users to look at several drawings at one time, regardless of how the views were arranged in the original drawing.
These customers are not full-time CAD designers, but their jobs require an easy way for them to develop and modify technical drawings.
Many mills, city departments and mines are constantly referring to hand-generated drawings.
By closely emulating the way both technical and non-technical project team members work over drawings, the software combines the ease of using pen on paper with the power of the internet to overcome the industry's geographic and scheduling issues.