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play ducks and drakes with

To squander (something). "Ducks and drakes" is a game played by skipping a stone across the surface of water. Don't play ducks and drakes with this internship—it's a great opportunity, even if it doesn't pay!
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ducks and drakes

A game that involves skipping stones across water. I love going to the lake in the summer and playing ducks and drakes with my kids.
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play ducks and drakes with (one)

To treat someone poorly, dishonestly, or with flippant disregard. After the team took such a resounding lead, they started playing ducks and drakes with their opponents toward the end of the game. I thought that there were the makings of a serious relationship, but lately it's felt like he's just playing ducks and drakes with me.
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play ducks and drakes with someone

If someone plays ducks and drakes with people, they treat them badly by being dishonest with them or not taking them seriously. He accepted the ceasefire conditions, but since then has been playing ducks and drakes with the United Nations. Note: `Ducks and drakes' is the game of throwing flat stones across the surface of some water to see how many times you can make the stones bounce. In this expression, the person's attitude to others is perhaps being compared to someone idly and thoughtlessly throwing stones.
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play ducks and drakes with

trifle with; treat frivolously.
This expression comes from the game of ducks and drakes , played by throwing a flat stone across the surface of water in such a way as to make it skim and skip before it finally sinks. The game was known by this name by the late 16th century, and it was already a metaphor for an idle or frivolous activity in the early 17th century.
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make ducks and drakes of

/play ducks and drakes with
To squander; waste.
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