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drama queen

A person (usually a woman, though not always) who is given to exaggerated, disproportionate emotional reactions to relatively minor events or situations. Since I was an only child, my mother tended to be a bit of a drama queen about anything happening in my life. Ah, don't be such a drama queen, Tom, they're not going to fire you for a simple mistake like that.
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kitchen-sink drama

A style of British drama popular after World War II that shows or pertains to the lives of common, everyday people. Primarily heard in UK. I'm not entirely sure what the play is about, but I think it's some sort of kitchen-sink drama depicting everyday people in everyday situations. Is Alfie considered a kitchen-sink drama?
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make a drama out of (something)

To exaggerate or put too much focus on a minor issue and make it seem like a major one. You got one B and you're acting like you're failing the class. You're making a drama out of the whole thing, if you ask me. Let's not make a drama out of what's really just a minor setback.
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make a drama out of

exaggerate the importance of a minor problem or incident. informal
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make a ˈdrama out of something

make a small problem or event seem more important or serious than it really is: Oh come on, it’s only a tiny scratch — you always make such a drama out of everything!
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