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have a downer on (one)

To dislike one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. If the boss has a downer on you, I doubt you'll get a good performance review.
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put a downer on (something)

To inhibit something or make it less pleasant or enjoyable; to have a subduing or deadening effect on something. The foul weather really put a downer on our picnic yesterday. Without question, this tax scandal has put a downer on the senator's likelihood of being re-elected. The construction happening near our building has really put a downer on sales this month.
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1. A bad or depressing thing or situation. Geez, that movie was a real downer. Sorry, I'm being so quiet—this day was just a downer.
2. An unpleasant experience induced by drugs. No, I don't take that stuff anymore—I had a downer last time.
3. A drug that acts as a sedative or a depressant. I guess those drugs were downers because they didn't give me the pick-me-up I'd hoped for.

have a down on someone/something


have a downer on someone/something

If you have a down on someone or something or you have a downer on them, you do not like them or you disapprove of them. Snobs would have a down on a man with a south London accent. For some reason Jackie has always had a downer on me.
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put a downer on something

If something or someone puts a downer on an event, they make it less enjoyable. The argument put a downer on our school holiday break.
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and down and downie
1. n. a barbiturate or a tranquilizer. (Drugs.) Too much booze with those downers, and you’re dead.
2. n. a bad drug experience; a down trip. (Drugs.) That stuff you gave me was a real downer.
3. n. a depressing event; a bad situation; a down trip. These cloudy days are always downers.
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