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a prima donna

1. The lead female singer in an opera company. This Italian phrase means "first lady." With her voice, I'm sure that Shirley will be named the opera company's prima donna.
2. One who is very demanding and temperamental. Kathleen is such a prima donna—there's just no pleasing her.
See also: Donna, prima

(a) ˌprima ˈdonna

(from Italian, disapproving) a person who thinks they are very important because they are good at something, and who behaves badly when they do not get what they want: Stop behaving like a prima donna — you’re not the only person around here.In her new film, Victoria plays a prima donna television presenter.
The prima donna is the main woman singer in an opera performance or an opera company. The phrase means ‘first lady’.
See also: Donna, prima
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