Don't worry

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don't worry (about a thing)

Don't stress about a particular thing or situation. Don't worry about a thing, Mrs. Jones—Maia and I will have a fine time playing dress-up while you and your husband are at the movies.
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Don't worry (about a thing).

Do not become anxious about something.;Everything will be all right. "Don't worry, Fred,"comforted Bill, "everything will be all right." Bill:I think I left the car windows open. Sue: Don't worry, I closed them. "Don't worry about a thing," the tax collector had said. "We'll take care of everything." Or was it "We'll take everything? "
See also: worry
References in classic literature ?
When you are in the right, at any rate you don't worry one's life out "
But don't worry your brother any more for my sake," Newman added.
Of course you don't know half I'm saying; but don't worry, little girl; I'm not going to hurt you, and if I can get you out of here, I'll do it.
The nurse, on the first night in the Asylum, had shown her the marks on each article of her underclothing as it was taken off, and had said, not at all irritably or unkindly, "Look at your own name on your own clothes, and don't worry us all any more about being Lady Glyde.
DON'T worry about the polls Ed, Nicola Sturgeon is really a Labour voter.
If it isn't very soft, give it a buzz in the microwave, don't worry if you melt it a bit.
If you see me eating a slice of chocolate cake in the meantime, don't worry it's all part of my training.
I asked them what they did with the money and they told me that all the contributions made since the beginning of the scheme, back in 1948, had been invested in the community to build fire stations and buy equipment and uniforms, but don't worry because they would honour the agreement we had made.
David, who is originally from Kensington, said: "It was my ambition to make films in the region, so I am very happy to be screening Don't Worry About Me in Liverpool as a fundraising event for Clapperboard UK.
And don't worry, Highway 108 has been redone and is a much better drive these days.
Don't worry about getting the breathing exactly right until you become familiar with the postures.
In fact, don't worry too much if your cut-paper collage doesn't really look like your chosen picture.
Don't worry about tsunamis, they said--we've built you this puny little wall.
Don't wait, and don't worry about swelling their heads.
Don't worry that they are still working with 12x CD-R and 1x DVD-R.