Don't worry

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don't worry (about a thing)

Don't stress about a particular thing or situation. Don't worry about a thing, Mrs. Jones—Maia and I will have a fine time playing dress-up while you and your husband are at the movies.
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Don't worry (about a thing).

Do not become anxious about something.;Everything will be all right. "Don't worry, Fred,"comforted Bill, "everything will be all right." Bill:I think I left the car windows open. Sue: Don't worry, I closed them. "Don't worry about a thing," the tax collector had said. "We'll take care of everything." Or was it "We'll take everything? "
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'I'm optimistic on the success of the luncheon party of 'Don't Worry'.
Don't worry. This is perfectly normal and is your life now.
Doctor says: "Don't worry, I have some cream for that."
Although you don't have to get dressed up like at carnival parties, there is indeed a dress code which is business smart, so ladies put on that little black dress you always have ready at hand in your wardrobe and gentlemen, suit up -- and if you aren't a tie-wearing kind of guy, don't worry, the rhythm won't take long to get you loosening it.
Producers are known for keep things fresh by bringing in new families and axing others but taking to twitter on Sunday, Scarlett let her followers know her Mark and Betty weren't going anywhere, tweeting "Don't worry it might be the end of series 5 but me and the family will be back for series 6"
If you've only got two shallow tins, don't worry. Split it between two, and check it after half the time in the oven later on.
"But he will keep on fighting, don't worry. He will now be even more motivated going to Silverstone after this result and with the points difference."
If you didn't, then don't worry because 99% of everyone else didn''t either.
I asked them if there was a fund and they told me no, but don't worry because they would always honour the agreement we had made.
The Story of Don't Worry Chachu revolves around a Joint family, in which interesting happenings occur daily due to Chintan Desai's nature.
He wore a T-shirt that read "Don't worry, be crabby." I was just about to tell him why I loved his shirt (because I couldn't stand the song "Don't worry, be happy") when I was saved by a flight attendant who came up and asked, "Can I get you something to drink, Mr.
The Liverpool actor has stepped behind the camera to make his first feature film, Don't Worry About Me.
Angela - Oh, Tony don't worry, I like doing the show with David Dickinson!
Don't worry if you sound ill-informed - nobody else knows what's going on either
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