Don't worry

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don't worry (about a thing)

Don't stress about a particular thing or situation. Don't worry about a thing, Mrs. Jones—Maia and I will have a fine time playing dress-up while you and your husband are at the movies.
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Don't worry (about a thing).

Do not become anxious about something.;Everything will be all right. "Don't worry, Fred,"comforted Bill, "everything will be all right." Bill:I think I left the car windows open. Sue: Don't worry, I closed them. "Don't worry about a thing," the tax collector had said. "We'll take care of everything." Or was it "We'll take everything? "
See also: worry
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Don't Worry Chachu will present light hearted entertainment in light mood.
And don't worry, Highway 108 has been redone and is a much better drive these days.
Don't worry about getting the breathing exactly right until you become familiar with the postures.
In fact, don't worry too much if your cut-paper collage doesn't really look like your chosen picture.
Don't worry about tsunamis, they said--we've built you this puny little wall.
Don't worry if you don't have a clue what these words mean - they are just a few of the candidates for inclusion in the new Collins Living Dictionary*.
Don't wait, and don't worry about swelling their heads.
Don't worry that they are still working with 12x CD-R and 1x DVD-R.
Don't worry about the shorting plug on the new reduced white smoke Bradley engine.
If you can't make it to the Detroit seminar, don't worry.
But don't worry, there are no sharp edges to cut you or your pet.
So, don't worry if you've misplaced those old magazines--just remember to hold on to the current one, which has the password.
Don't worry about how many pairs of shoes to pack or about making flight arrangements.
And don't worry, each of the remaining sites will also get a green RFP.
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