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kewpie doll

A doll with rosy cheeks and big eyes that was often distributed as a prize (at carnivals, for instance) in the 20th century. Look, Mama, I won a kewpie doll playing that game over there!
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(all) dolled up

Well-dressed, especially in comparison to one's usual appearance. I got all dolled up for my date, and then he canceled on me at the last minute. Why are you all dolled up today?
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*(all) dolled up

Fig. dressed up and well-groomed. (Usually used of females. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) I have to get all dolled up for the dance tonight.
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dolled up

Also, all dolled up. Dressed or fixed up smartly and, often, ostentatiously, usually for a special occasion. For example, There's no need to get all dolled up-it's just a picnic, or They dolled up the classroom for parents' night. This expression alludes to a person or object being as attractive as a pretty doll. It is also put verbally, to doll up, as in I wanted to doll up my apartment before the guests arrived. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see gussied up.
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rag doll

A limp, ineffectual person, as in You won't get a decision from her; she's a rag doll when it comes to making up her mind . This expression transfers the limpness of a soft doll made from scraps of cloth to human behavior. [Mid-1800s]
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like a rag doll

If someone is like a rag doll, they have no strength and cannot control their movements, often because they are being treated violently. He picked the boy up and shook him like a rag doll. I saw a dog throwing a girl around like a rag doll. Note: A `rag doll' is a child's doll made of cloth.
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doll up

v. Slang
1. To dress someone in fancy or ostentatious clothes, especially for a special occasion: The parents dolled up their child in sailor outfits. The costume designer dolled me up in 19th-century clothing. I got all dolled up for the big Halloween party.
2. To add embellishing details to something in order to make it more attractive: I dolled up the boring lecture by adding a lot of jokes. There wasn't much content in the manuscript, so the author had tried to doll it up with interesting stories.
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Barbie doll

n. a pretty, giddy girl or woman. Ask that little Barbie doll if she wants a drink.
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1. n. a pretty girl or woman. Who’s the doll I saw you with last night?
2. n. a pill. (Drugs. Usually plural.) Taking dolls is different from shooting up.
References in classic literature ?
Glinda keeps all the rain storms away; so I never worry about my dolls getting wet.
In one place a large group of especially nice paper dolls assembled to greet their Queen, whom it was easy to see they loved early.
The paper dolls were mowed down by dozens, and flew and fluttered in wild confusion in every direction, tumbling this way and that and getting more or less wrinkled and bent.
And I had no idea it took so little to upset these paper dolls.
Miss Cuttenclip herself led them to the door in the wall, and as they passed along the street the paper dolls peeped at them half fearfully from the doors and windows.
asked Fanny, watching with interest the set of the little red merino frock Polly was putting on to her doll.
No, indeed, sir, I have n't done anything, only dress Maud's doll.
He was no fool though, though a futile idler; he was curiously clever at all kinds of things that couldn't be the slightest use; a sort of impromptu conjuring; making fifteen matches set fire to each other like a regular firework; or cutting a banana or some such thing into a dancing doll.
As Smythe took the handles and they turned the great corner of the street, Angus was amused to see a gigantesque poster of "Smythe's Silent Service," with a picture of a huge headless iron doll, carrying a saucepan with the legend, "A Cook Who is Never Cross.
Now, as for this pretty doll, my little Alice," said Grandfather, "I wish you could have seen what splendid dresses the ladies wore in those times.
Dear, dear, to think how much time we passed alone together afterwards, and how often I repeated to the doll the story of my birthday and confided to her that I would try as hard as ever I could to repair the fault I had been born with (of which I confessedly felt guilty and yet innocent) and would strive as I grew up to be industrious, contented, and kind-hearted and to do some good to some one, and win some love to myself if I could.
A day or two before, I had wrapped the dear old doll in her own shawl and quietly laid her--I am half ashamed to tell it--in the garden-earth under the tree that shaded my old window.
She dismissed her make-believe guests without ceremony, and went back with her doll to the favorite play-ground on which I had met her--the landing outside the door.
And that was she,' replied the locksmith; 'and I no sooner whispered to her what the matter was--as softly, Doll, and with nearly as much art as you could have used yourself--than she gives a kind of scream and faints away.
I had a doll married, last week, and was obliged to work all night.