do the honors

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do the honors

To perform a task or duty of an official nature, often in a social setting. Sometimes used humorously. Why don't you do the honors and greet people at the door? I'll take their coats. Joe, do the honors and cut me a slice of that pizza, will you? The mayor was supposed to cut the ribbon, but he can't make it, so we'll have to find someone else to do the honors.
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do the honors

Act as a host or hostess, performing introductions and otherwise attending to guests. For example, At home Mary leaves it to Bill to do the honors when they have guests. This expression uses honors in the sense of "courtesy." [Mid-1600s]
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do the honours

1 perform a social duty or small ceremony for others. 2 perform a particular function that is central to the proceedings. informal humorous
2 2007 David Kynaston A World to Build Two men were hanged at Pentonville, with the lugubrious Albert Pierrepoint doing the honours.
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do the ˈhonours

(often humorous) perform a social duty or ceremony, such as pouring drinks, making a speech, etc: Harry, could you do the honours? Tom and Angela both want gin and tonic.His father was ill, so Charles did the honours with the welcome speech.
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In so doing he became the sixth consecutive winner of the race to be ridden by a claimer - Adam Beschizza doing the honours on William Haggas's four-year-old.
The 16th edition of Matchroom Sport's eight-man one-night tournament breaks new ground again as just the second boxing show ever to be broadcast in 3D with Sky Television doing the honours.
While NASA has a strict no-alcohol policy, a nonprofit research group called Astronauts4Hire is doing the honours aboard Zero Gravity Corp.
The Central Division is set up so one club plays host to all that day's matches, with Birmingham doing the honours tomorrow.
Forpadydeplasterer is saddled by Tom Cooper, and will have Davy Russell doing the honours up top.
Doing the honours, he made no mention of the problems associated with the building's construction.
And there's more from Freefall on December 10 with Simon, Alan and that man Fraser Latta doing the honours.
Warnock takes the whistle in a gala game to celebrate the Lane's 150th anniversary, with Premiership whistlers Rennie and Webb doing the honours as his assistants.
It's no hoax and we will be officially opening the Tommy Cooper Walk of Fame at the Twyn with Harry Andrews, leader of Caerphilly County Council, doing the honours, complete with fez," he said.
Now, the school has officially opened a dome of its own - with former assistant headteacher Lynn Mortlock - who retired at Easter after 21 years at the popular school - doing the honours.
They reaped the reward for that enterprise by snapping up two tries in the space of five minutes - Adam Clifford and Tom Lane doing the honours and Whitehall adding two well judged conversions.
DESPITE having Vasily Petrenko at the helm, and a world famous soloist doing the honours, this concert was a slow-burn seller.
A VETERAN village volunteer was given an official thank-you for years of dedicated service yesterday - with the Duchess of Northumberland doing the honours.
Jamie, 24, got married last month, with Andy doing the honours as best man.
Initially I was disappointed that it hadn't been the Queen doing the honours, but the Prince of Wales was very charming.