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artful dodger

A rogue or miscreant who avoids getting in trouble for their crimes, mischief, or bad behavior through crafty or ingenious means. Taken from the name of a clever pickpocket in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. She's always causing mischief, but she's such an artful dodger that she always finds a way to get out of trouble.
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(ˈkɔfnæ dɑdʒɚ)
n. a heavy smoker. I just hate these damn coffin-dodgers who smoke right outside the door!

Artful Dodger

a sly person, especially one involved in dubious or criminal activities. It was the nickname of Jack Dawkins, a young pickpocket in Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist. The character survives in the stage and movie musical Oliver!, which was based on the Dickens novel, but the phrase as applied to a “sneaky Pete” is now rarely if ever heard. “Dodger” in the sense of evading danger inspired the name of the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) baseball team; in its early years in Brooklyn, the team was the “Trolley Dodgers.” Brooklyn had many streetcar lines, and to play in the streets required youngsters to dodge streetcars, and “trolley dodger” became the slang term for anyone from that borough.
See also: artful, dodger
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This time the camera noises were drowned out by satisfied ``Aaaaah'' from the Dodgers employees at the back of the Dugout Club restaurant as the free-agent acquisitions spun around to show the blue-lettered ``Wolf'' and ``Pierre'' across their shoulders.
Panda offers a variety of menu options at Dodger Stadium, including some of the restaurant's most popular items:
Still, of the seven games played between the Dodgers and Mets this season, four of which were won by New York, pitching was the key to five of them, including all four in a late-season series split between to the two clubs three weeks ago.
He was asked about his old team's chances now that the first-round matchups have been determined and the Dodgers are off to New York to open a best-of-five series against the Mets on Wednesday, the winner to get the Cardinals-Padres winner.
The gut reality of it is that here in late September, the Dodgers are fighting the Giants for October, battling Giants who otherwise are just trying to stay out of last place.
Louis, snapping the Padres' six-game winning streak and moving the suddenly sizzling Dodgers within a game of the division lead with four to go.
But that was OK, because the Phillies, who lost at Washington, fell a game short of the Dodgers in the wild-card standings.
The Dodgers fell 1 1/2 games behind San Diego in the National League West and a half-game behind Philadelphia in the wild-card standings.
The Dodgers stick with a lot of one-size items, and it's sad to watch sometimes as Roger the Peanut Man chucks those huge $5.
But this time, it wasn 3/8t Ian Snell, the promising young right-hander who held them to one run through six innings before the Dodgers rallied in vain against the Pirates bullpen.
Although Broxton escaped a bases-loaded jam to avoid further damage later in the inning, the Dodgers then put up little resistance against legendary closer Trevor Hoffman.
With the scene set - a half-game lead over visiting San Diego in the National League West, their Hall of Fame savior on the mound - the Dodgers started arguably their most important weekend of the season.
Maddux threw 6 1/3 no-hit innings and the Dodgers opened a crucial series with a 3-1 victory over the Padres in front of 52,911 at Dodger Stadium.
But plate umpire Ed Rapuano instead called the pitch ball four, putting Ramirez on first base and giving former Dodgers shortstop Cesar Izturis a chance to win the game for the Cubs, which he did with a single up the middle to score Juan Mateo to give Chicago a 9-8 victory in 11 innings in front of 35,618 on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.
The man the Dodgers sent to the mound was Lowe, the veteran right-hander who throughout his career has routinely gotten stronger in August, September and, whenever he has pitched for a team good enough to get there, October.