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An abbreviation for "direct message," a form of private communication on social media sites or Internet forums. It is most commonly used as a verb. I'll DM you the address. DM me if you have any questions. Send me a DM so it's not public.

DM me

A request to send one a direct message, a form of private communication on social media sites or Internet forums. DM me if you have any questions.
See also: dm

slide into (one's)/the DMs

slang To successfully flirt with someone via direct message (DM) on social media. If you're trying to slide into your crush's DMs, don't use a cheesy pick-up line. A: "I just slid into the DMs and asked her out on a date." B: "Wow, I can't believe that actually worked!"
See also: DM, slide
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If this is true, lower levels of DMS over coral reefs could dry out north Queensland's rainforests, according to Jones.
Dacey was the first to show how vegetation transferred methane to the atmosphere, and he demonstrated that DMS is emitted from the leaves of certain species of marsh grass.
Earlier this year, in the April 16 NATURE, Lovelock, Charlson and their colleagues proposed that once DMS reaches the atmosphere, it oxidizes to form sulfate particles, which then serve as condensation nuclei for developing cloud particles.
Backed by more than 25 years of experience, DMS offers professional services and innovative products that fulfill credit industry needs.
Founded in 1995, DMS Insights is recognized for its pioneering work in creating the "river sampling" methodology, which resulted in the development of Opinion Place[TM], the online industry's first and largest portal for random, real-time recruitment of survey respondents via the Internet.
The integration of DMS Health and Digirad will enable the combined company to expand its range of customers serviced as well as provide significant geographical and service level diversification.
We were able to gain greater understanding of Regions' needs through our professional consulting services and created a solution specifically for the company," said David McGough, president of DMS.
SkyForce DMS consists of Proxy's mission-oriented software system, a primary mission-management ground control station and mobile ground control user terminals.
Autologica DMS is a Windows[R]-based software solution that manages the entire dealership, and also includes integrated CRM, multi-store management, on-line accounting, Excel[R] integration, and advanced strategic tools such as real-time performance indicators.
Arkona has delivered a powerful and more cost-effective DMS solution and, at the same time, has provided the much needed communications interface to GST.
Open tender Chub-Camsp_Ao2015-3- DMS & Amp; Implants Neuroradiology- DMS Abord Parenteral- Laparoscopic surgery dMS- DMS Thoracic Drainage- DMS Endoscopy- DMS Functional Exploration and Hematology- DMS Cover Protection Sterile- Non Woven dMS- Ostomy dMS- DMS aortic stents- Dressings- Health sets.
3M developed the design behind all three products in collaboration with renowned designers in one of the world's most well-known hubs for creativity, Milan, Italy: Design Group Italia (Scotch paper cutter, 3M DMS 710 multimedia projector) and Paolo Pininfarina (Filtrete ultra slim air purifer).
2015 the following classes will be affected: DMS Anesthesiology, Thoracic Drainage DMS, DMS sterile protective bag, Non Woven DMS, DMS Ostomy, DMS Radiology, dressings Group "A".
Payment Will Be Made Only After Fitment/Successful Testing Of Dms Copper Electrode In Machine.