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be whistling Dixie

slang To have an unrealistic, usually overly optimistic, view of something. "Dixie" was an anthem of the Confederacy, the losing side of the US Civil War. Primarily heard in US. You're whistling Dixie if you think we're making the playoffs this year.
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be not whistling Dixie

slang To have a realistic or honest view of something; to be speaking truthfully. "Dixie" was an anthem of the Confederacy, the losing side of the US Civil War. Primarily heard in US. It sounds like they really are laying people off in January. You weren't just whistling Dixie, Bob! They've threatened to fire their missiles on civilians; I don't think they're whistling Dixie.
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not just whistling Dixie

Rur. not talking nonsense. (Alludes to a song titled "Dixie.") Man, you are right! You're not just whistling Dixie. When you say she is wrong, you're not just whistling Dixie.
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You ain't just whistlin' Dixie.

Rur. You are right. Tom: Sure is hot today. Bill: Yeah, you ain't just whistlin' Dixie. It's a scorcher. Charlie: That was a good movie. Jane: You ain't just whistlin' Dixie. It was the best I've ever seen.
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whistle Dixie

Engage in unrealistic, hopeful fantasizing, as in If you think you can drive there in two hours, you're whistling Dixie. This idiom alludes to the song "Dixie" and the vain hope that the Confederacy, known as Dixie, would win the Civil War.
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not be whistling Dixie

If someone is not whistling Dixie, they are being honest or realistic and should not be ignored. `Is that a threat?' — `I'm not just whistling Dixie.' He was not whistling Dixie last month when he told financial analysts that the firm is as competitive as ever. Note: Dixie was the name given to the region of the southern and eastern United States which formed the Confederate side in the Civil War. The area gave its name to several songs which were popular as Confederate war songs.
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whistle Dixie

engage in unrealistic fantasies; waste your time. US
Dixie is an informal name for the Southern states of the USA. The marching song ‘Dixie’ ( 1859 ) was popular with Confederate soldiers in the American Civil War.
2001 New York Times These guys are just whistling Dixie…They're ignoring the basic issues that everyone's been pointing out to them for a decade.
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not just whistling Dixie

tv. not talking nonsense. (Folksy. Refers to a song titled Dixie.) Man, you are right! You’re not just whistling Dixie.
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whistle Dixie

To engage in unrealistically rosy fantasizing: "If you think mass transportation is going to replace the automobile I think you're whistling Dixie" (Henry Ford II).
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