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pay dividends

To cause or produce good results in the future due to an investment of time, money, or other resources. The amount of time the team has dedicated to practice and drilling has been paying dividends, as they've been dominating the competition so far this season. Being disciplined in the way you study now will pay dividends by the time your exams come around.
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peace dividend

The money a country stands to save or even earn by not engaging in war or buying weaponry. Our government has been resolute in its decision not to engage in this dispute, instead investing the peace dividend back into social infrastructure like health care and public transportation.
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pay dividends

COMMON If something pays dividends, it brings advantages at a later date. Taking time out to get fit will pay dividends in the long run. Martin went out of his way to lavish attention on Mrs. Eaton, a move which later paid big dividends. Note: A dividend is a payment of profits that is divided among all the shareholders of a company.
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pay ˈdividends

produce great advantages or profits: Learning a foreign language will always pay dividends.Hard work while you’re young pays dividends later.
If you invest in a company, the money you receive as your share of the profit is called a dividend.
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a/the ˈpeace dividend

money that governments save by not buying weapons: The Health Service should benefit from the peace dividend.
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Another danger of focusing too much on dividend announcements is if investors put too much emphasis on dividends, firms have an incentive to cut back on investments and pay high dividends instead.
The rationale for maintaining both the TPS rules and the taxable preferred share rules was a concern that financial institutions would build a portfolio of preferred shares that were really disguised loans in order to avail themselves of the $500,000 dividend allowance for taxable preferred shares.
Without such rises, and without any dividends, where is the value in buying a tech stock?
USG set an eventual target of 25 percent of net profits plus depreciation to be paid out in dividends and share buybacks.
5 December 2011 - Royal Bank of Canada (TSE:RY) will be paying a quarterly dividend of USD0.54 (EUR0.40) a common share, the Canadian lender said on Friday.
The court affirmed a report by a magistrate judge who concluded that the redemption payments qualified as dividends under Sec.
1, 1999, all dividends received from noninsurance corporations are deductible, subject to the ownership limitations of Sec.
IES Industries, an electric utility, purchased American Depository Receipts (ADRs) at market price plus 85% of the expected gross dividend (net of the 15% foreign withholding tax).
Because dividend-paying firms spread their profits around and generate regular income for shareholders, their shares are generally less volatile than those of companies that don't give dividends. They also tend to suffer less than other stocks during a market downturn.
You indicated that the IRS is considering the elimination of the dividend offset provision in that procedure and invited comments.
An analysis of dividends from privately owned real estate, REITS, and the S&P 500 in the Korpacz Survey shows that average annual real estate dividends were higher than REIT dividends and S&P 500 dividends in every year since 1990.
Code (CRTC) [section]24410 provisions that limited a deduction for dividends received from subsidiaries engaged in the insurance business to corporations "commercially domiciled" in California, and to insurance company dividends paid from "income from California sources," violated the Commerce Clause.
Under SOP 93-6, a company treats dividends on stock held in an ESOP the same as dividends on non-ESOP shares if the stock is allocated to participant accounts, reducing retained earnings.
Dividends on preferred stock must be paid before they can be paid on common shares.