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"I saved my best for my last dive," added Hunt, who executed a triple-back summersault with four twists on his final dive.
"Once you have your fundamental diving skills, being consistent and confident with those dives on the lower boards will make a huge difference with the high dives," added Pennisi.
While the Philippines has 'strong brand equity,' and is quite popular abroad for its dive spots, the DOT official explained, 'We still have to improve on safety protocols, for instance, ensuring there are enough hyperbaric chambers in the destinations and the connectivity.
The nonagenarian, who lives in Limassol, already held the Guinness record title following a similar successful dive on his 94th birthday last year, where he dived to a depth of 38.1 metres for 41 minutes.
At the North Pole, the dive took place under the frozen Arctic Ocean.
He was anxious about the recommendation to not dive again.
He dives with the British Sub-Aqua Club's (BSAC) RAF Akrotiri branch.
SeaOman, powered by Oman Sail, has launched a new dive centre at The Wave, Muscat, offering scuba diving excursions for PADI-certified divers.
The vertical Grand Dive from Summit to Sea is one of the best performing hyperbaric dives on the market today.
If SCUBA divers become complacent and do not maintain their level of knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of conducting a safe dive there can be many unintended and negative outcomes.
During the ascent from SCUBA dives, this air expands and can result in pulmonary barotraumas, which clinically present as pneumothorax, mediastinal emphysema or even arterial gas embolism with cerebral stroke.
"Before the formal sea dives, a comprehensive review of the submersible as well as its support system will be taken," on-scene commander Liu Feng told Xinhua on the Xiangyanghong 09, the mother oceanographic ship of the submersible.
Guests will also get the unique opportunity to learn how to dive in one of the resort's private and pristine salt water pools, allowing them to become accustomed to the sensation of diving prior to doing open water dives in the sea.