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bored silly

Extremely bored to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. I was bored silly listening to that lecture this afternoon.
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drive (one) to distraction

1. To render one unable to focus; to distract one. Leave your sister alone—she's got to finish her homework, and you are driving her to distraction.
2. To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me to distraction. That loud beeping noise is driving me to distraction!
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to distraction

To a point in which one is very upset, irritated, or angry and one is unable to focus as a result. Used especially after the verb "drive." Leave your sister alone—she's got to finish her homework, and you are driving her to distraction.
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bored silly

 and bored to distraction; bored stiff; bored to death; bored to tears
very bored; extremely dull and uninteresting (Usually an exaggeration.) I was bored silly at the lecture. The dull speaker left me bored to distraction. I am bored to tears. Let's go home.
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drive someone to distraction

Fig. to confuse or perplex someone. Can't you see you're driving her to distraction? The problems I am having with my boss are driving me to distraction.
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drive someone to distraction

If something or someone drives you to distraction, they annoy you very much. Nothing I said or did would get them to tidy up. It drove me to distraction. His obsessive attention to detail drove to distraction the artists and workers with whom he collaborated. Note: Distraction is an old word for madness.

to diˈstraction

so that you become upset, excited or angry and not able to think clearly: The children are driving me to distraction today.
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The immigration ban is a distraction from the Russia story
It is difficult to keep the concentration of students at its maximum potential during the entire time of the class, as there are many distractions that can have a negative impact on students' concentration and learning.
But that wasn't helpful in cases of emotional or cognitive distractions.
Most hospital errors are attributed to system failures, with distractions that occur once every 2 minutes as the primary contributor (Institute for Safe Medication Practices, 2012).
Distractions can be divided according to what mental functions (powers) they activate most of all and in what activities they manifest.
Driver distraction is a multifaceted phenomenon, globally recognised as one of the most significant road safety concerns, since drivers fail to give adequate attention to driving during life-threatening moments as they are engaged in less important activities, such as eating or drinking, adjusting radio or CD player or using their mobile phones.
At this point you might be thinking this is a far cry from the distractions encountered in a duck blind, however, this is all foundation work.
Focus--Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision" is an important read for genuine Christ followers sincerely seeking to Find God's purpose for their life or desirous of regaining lost vision.
If you're filling your life with distractions, its probably because you're afraid of what life would be like without constant Internet, social media, news, TV, games, snacks.
org/assessments/adt to see which distractions are problems for them.
many people understand of using a or other while "It is important that young people who currently drive or who are about to get behind the wheel of a car for the first time are aware of the dangers distractions can cause.
Irate children also cause back seat distractions and the survey revealed that, while driving, 23% of parents have got lost, 11% have nearly crashed into the car in front and 11% have been put in other potentially dangerous situations after being distracted by their children.
For several years now handsfree technology has been touted as a safe alternative to the driving distractions inherent in our mobile devices and other such things we often employ while driving but according to two studies conducted jointly by the University of Utah and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety handsfree technology presents its own significant distractions and may in fact endanger your life.
The Distraction Zone game is specifically designed to reinforce key safe driving behaviors like avoiding distractions, being alert, and slowing down when approaching highway work zones.