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autem dipper

obsolete One belonging to the Anabaptist faith, in which believers are baptized after infancy. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, so an "autem dipper" is one whose faith is based on baptism (that is, a "dip" in water). As one has no concept of faith as an infant, the autem dippers believe that baptism should take place when one is old enough to affirm belief in the church.
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1. n. a drunkard. (From dipsomaniac.) Buy the dip a drink. That’ll shut him up for a while.
2. and dipper n. a pickpocket. (Underworld.) The dip tried a snatch, but the dupe turned around at the wrong time. The cops picked up three dippers, working as a group, at the fairgrounds.
3. n. a pinch or helping of snuff. He took a dip just before he picked up the bat.
4. n. a wad of chewing tobacco. You could see he had a big dip in his cheek.
5. n. an oaf; a jerk. (Probably from dipshit.) Why are you acting like such a dip?


See dip


1. n. a person who collects two salaries; a federal employee who collects a federal pension and Social Security. The double-dippers say they weren’t doing anything wrong.
2. n. a person who dips a chip or veggie into a dip or sauce after having taken a bite of the chip or veggie, thus risking the introduction of germs into the dip. I always watch the snack table to make sure there are no double-dippers.


n. a swimmer, as opposed to a surfer. (California.) The fanny-dippers are not supposed to go out that far.
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The Dipper was the canary in the upland coalmine (an ironic analogy, I know): they eat aquatic insects - such as Mayflies - that are acid sensitive and were wiped out from the many acidic Welsh streams.
Dippers and kingfishers prefer rapid, sometimes torrential, watercourses.
A heroic effort by these Boxing Day dippers at Saltburn.
Marriott affirmed the importance of correcting the civil service condition and ending the double dippers, stressing the UK readiness to provide the necessary aid to develop civil service in Yemen.
Research from Cardiff University has revealed analysis of pollution residue in the eggs of wild birds, including the dipper, has shown eggs along rivers in South Wales contain pollutants four times greater than average than in adjacent rural rivers.
Potato Dippers offer chefs a number of usage opportunities and are as suitable as a starter as they are a tempting bar snack.
Much of the Little Dipper is quite faint, but the two stars at the end of its bowl aren't much dimmer than Polaris.
Made with 100% Pollock fillet, Young's Flipper Dippers are rich in Omega 3.
Ingredients 600ml tub essential Waitrose Double Cream 400g Waitrose Belgian Plain Chocolate 3 tbsp Golden syrup 50g Butter, diced Selection of dippers to serve: Marshmallows, mini meringue shells, sponge fingers, shortbread and fruit slices, such as banana, mango and pear
The new data extend these findings to include "extreme dippers," or those whose nighttime systolic and/or diastolic BP dips by at least 20%.
I am of American Indian descent and I also make ceremonial rattles and water dippers from the "dipper"-type gourds for use in the Native American Sweat Ceremony.
Crispy Dippers come in two flavors: Lightly Salted (220 mg sodium per serving) and White Cheddar (270 mg of sodium per serving).
In other developments, the company has launched a new line of heart-healthy Crispy Dippers soy crackers available in both Lightly Salted and White Cheddar.
THE WORLD renowned children's swimming school Little Dippers is opening a branch in Sutton Coldfield.