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desk jockey

A worker who spends the majority of their time seated at a desk. Humorously likened to the jockey of a horse. I was breaking my back working construction for five years before I finally got a job as a desk jockey at the local bank. I feel sorry for all those desk jockeys trapped inside for eight hours a day.
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hot desking

The act or practice of sharing desks or workstations between employees in an office so as to cut down on the amount of office space required. I've never worked in a company that did hot desking before; while it was strange not having my own desk at first, with everything done on laptops you barely notice it after a while!
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hot desk

1. noun A desk or workstation that is shared between employees in an office. I've never worked at a hot desk in a company before; while it was strange not having my own desk at first, with everything done on laptops you barely notice it after a while!
2. verb To share a desk or workstation with other employees in an office. I've never hot desked in a company before; while it was strange not having my own desk at first, with everything done on laptops you barely notice it after a while!
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away from (one's) desk

Not at one's desk at a particular time. This phrase is typically said in an office environment on another person's behalf (as by a receptionist or assistant). I'm sorry, Mr. Medina is away from his desk right now. Can I take a message?
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clear (one's) desk

To remove everything from one's desk. This phrase can be used both in schools (as an instruction before a test) and in workplaces (as an instruction to one who has been fired). All right, everyone, we're going to start the spelling test, so clear your desks. That underperforming employee was asked to clear his desk and leave the building.
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*away from one's desk

Fig. not available for a telephone conversation; not available to be seen or spoken to. (Sometimes said by the person who answers a telephone in an office. It means that the person whom the caller wants is not immediately available due to personal or business reasons. *Typically: be ~; Step ~.) I'm sorry, but Ann is away from her desk just now. Can you come back later? Tom has stepped away from his desk, but if you leave your number, he will call you right back.
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clear your desk

leave your job, especially having been dismissed.
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desk jockey

n. someone who works at a desk in an office. (Patterned on disk jockey.) I couldn’t stand being a cooped-up desk jockey.
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References in classic literature ?
Bring with you the limes you have in your desk," was the unexpected command which arrested her before she got out of her seat.
Just before school closed, Jo appeared, wearing a grim expression as she stalked up to the desk, and delivered a letter from her mother, then collected Amy's property, and departed, carefully scraping the mud from her boots on the door mat, as if she shook that dust of the place off her feet.
At one o'clock, the boys, having previously had their appetites thoroughly taken away by stir-about and potatoes, sat down in the kitchen to some hard salt beef, of which Nicholas was graciously permitted to take his portion to his own solitary desk, to eat it there in peace.
An unhealthy-looking boy, with warts all over his hands, stepped from his place to the master's desk, and raised his eyes imploringly to Squeers's face; his own, quite white from the rapid beating of his heart.
And she went to her desk at once and hung the black turban hat with the gold-green macaw wing in its accustomed place.
On the evening when he made the discovery the minister sat at the desk in the dusty room from nine until after eleven and when her light was put out stumbled out of the church to spend two more hours walking and praying in the streets.
While he was gone Arthur never raised his head from the desk, but remained in that one position.
The fact is, that I myself have missed several small sums from the desk, of late, and have refrained from mentioning it, hoping that accident would discover the offender; but it has not done so--it has not done so.
After laying his head on the desk for a little while, he would cheer up, somehow, begin to laugh again, and draw skeletons all over his slate, before his eyes were dry.
When they brought your luggage here from the vessel at Lerwick, you were particularly anxious about the safety of your traveling writing-desk--the desk there on the table.
He emptied the ashes from the stoves, brought up the coal and kindling, and lighted the fires before the most energetic one of them was at his desk.
On the big, flat-topped desk in the middle of the room you'll find a telephone.
The night- clerk was there, behind the desk, sitting in the dim light of another tallow candle--just sitting and staring.
The programme of my ranch life was as follows: Each morning, at eight-thirty, having been reading or correcting proofs in bed since four or five, I went to my desk.
The keys of your cabinet, desk, drawers, and whatever else you possess,' said he, rising and holding out his hand.