is rotten in Denmark

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something is rotten in (the state of) Denmark.

Prov. something suspicious is going on. (From shakespeare's play Hamlet.) Jim: Look, there's a light on in the office, even though it's way past the time everyone should have left. John: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Jane: I wonder why Fred is coming in so late every morning. Jane: Something is rotten in Denmark.
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I am very pleased that we could assist 51 companies in establishing a business here in Denmark last year.
In Denmark, Hitachi has been expanding its business particularly in the Information & Telecommunication Systems sector of the Social Innovation Business, mainly in storage solutions and consulting services.
Photo: (1--Ran in Conejo and Simi--color in Simi only) A group of school principals and administrators from Denmark watches children file out of Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley.
Operator and equity details for major natural gas assets in Denmark.
The Denmark TV Market Maps Package is an easy-to-reference resource to understand the television, digital television, pay television and broadband-IPTV markets in the country.
The report - Wind Power Profile of Denmark (2009) - analyzes the wind power sector in Denmark including a brief overview of the European energy and wind market.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Better Place, the world's leading mobility operator, today announced in conjunction with DONG Energy, that it has closed approximately [euro]103 million Euro (770 million Danish Kroner) in equity and convertible debt for the initial deployment of their electric car charging network in Denmark.
This databook is a detailed information resource covering all the key data points on Hot Drinks in Denmark.
The market for Insecticides in Denmark increased between 1999-2004, growing at an average annual rate of 2.
com/reports/c46692) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: Bakery & Cereals in Denmark To 2009 to their offering.
Including DLVS, First North now comprises 73 companies in Sweden and Denmark and DLVS is the 8th new company in Denmark this year.
com/reports/c46057) has announced the addition of "Confectionery in Denmark to 2010" to their offering.
This report covers Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all early adopters of emerging technologies.
PLAYED 13: WON 5, DREW 5, LOST 3 MOST RECENT MEETING: Denmark 0-4 Ireland.