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A shortening of "Democrat," referring to a member of the Democratic Party. Of course they're arguing—he's a dem and she's a Republican.


1. verb To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants me to demo the software to her. Can you demo this exercise machine for me so I don't hurt myself?
2. noun An explanation of how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants a demo of the software—can you help her? Can you give me a demo on this exercise machine so I don't hurt myself?
3. noun A car or machine used primarily to show someone how something functions or how to operate it. This car is just like the demo Phil showed me at the dealership.

them's the breaks

There is nothing we can do about the way things have unfolded, especially bad ones, so there is no reason to be upset about it; that's just the way things are. I'm pretty gutted about not getting into the grad school program I wanted, but hey, them's the breaks.
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them's the facts

colloquial You've got to accept that these are the facts of the situation; that's just the way things are. Typically said of something that is unfortunate or undesirable for the other person. A: "I can't believe you got the promotion over me!" B: "Sorry, them's the facts!" Look, what happened to your family was wrong. Them's the facts. But wallowing in self-pity about it ain't gonna help one bit!
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1. and dem (dɛm) n. a member of the Democratic Party. A couple of dems are running for the caucus, but no other party is represented.
2. n. a demonstration (of something). Hey, Chuck, give this man a demo.
3. n. an automobile or other machine or device that has been used by a dealer for demonstration purposes. I can give you a demo for half price.
4. tv. to demonstrate something (to someone). Let me demo this for you so you can see how it works.
5. tv. to demonstrate (something) to someone. I’ve got to go demo these people on this software.


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Clinton actually does dip her toe yet again into the Dem prez race, any bets on whose house she visits first?
Outlining his view of how the Lib Dems won the seat by 219 votes in 2005, Mr Dafis writes: "A fundamental component in their strategy was the 'twohorse race' message: if you want to block Plaid Cymru, there's no choice but to vote Lib Dem - do otherwise and your vote is wasted.
Arc Hydro Tool, an extension of the ArcGIS software is used to extract drainage and watershed from the ASTER, SRTM and Toposheet derived DEMs. Sinks are the naturally occurring artifacts in a DEM and must be removed before the drainage extraction (Borough and MacDonnell, 1998).
outcome 3: tory/lib dem coalition David Cameron is leader of the largest party but short of the 323 seats for a Commons majority, so turns to the Lib Dems to try to form another coalition.
It may seem strange to describe UKIP as a threat to the Lib Dems, as it's hard to imagine voters switching from the most pro-Europe party in the House of Commons to a party which wants the UK to leave the EU.
Who in their right mind would vote for the Lib Dems led by a millionaire PM who unashamedly claimed 7p for a bulldog clip, yet slashed vital support for the sick, elderly and disabled?
LIB Dem defector Andrew Duffield is putting his personalised registration on the open market.
When it comes to the Eastleigh by-election on 28 February, however, things are particularly interesting given that it is a Lib Dem-held seat with a council that contains solely Lib Dem councillors.
Lib Dem member: Before the election Mr Roddick tweeted: "I'"I'm a member of the Lib Dems.
But when they look at the opinion polls and their performances in elections since joining the coalition, there has been an almighty slump in popularity for the Lib Dems. It has left some speculating about the party's future and whether it has actually got one.
In the former Lib Dem stronghold of Liverpool the Lib Dems are not even standing candidates in Central , Princes Park , Belle Vale and Everton Wards In the West Midlands former Lib Dem councillors of long standing are now fielding as Liberal Party candidates As the Lib Dems abandon their polices to be merely a prop for the Tory Party then both their voters and party workers are deserting in droves.
Lib Dems also seem to be arguing that the policy could be paid for by raising taxes on the most wealthy.
Since Labour took over the City Council last year we have worked to repair the damage left behind by the Lib Dems. Despite the worst cuts in living memory, imposed on the city by the Lib Dems and their Tory allies, there is some progress on many of the vacant sites left by the Lib Dem administration, from the Boot Estate to Stonebridge Cross.
And a further 1.3million say they would rather abstain than back the Lib Dems again, according to YouGov.
The extraordinary bidding war was revealed as the Tories continued to try to cut a deal with the Lib Dems to allow Mr Cameron to become PM.