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the demon drink

slang A derogatory phrase for alcohol that emphasizes its negative effects. Woe be to any of you who fall under the spell of the demon drink.
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like a demon

An intensifier used when one puts forth great effort to do something. I'm planning to fight like a demon against this illness, so I'm researching both Western and Eastern methods of treatment. We've been working like demons to get the update finished before the Christmas break.
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speed demon

1. Someone who drives very fast in their car, especially over the legal speed limit. I used to be an awful speed demon, but I got so many tickets that I nearly lost my license. OK, I know we're running late, but there's no need to be such a speed demon. I'd rather arrive alive.
2. An athlete who runs, skates, swims, cycles, etc., very fast. The team's new running back is one hell of a speed demon. The speed demon already had eight Olympic gold medals for cycling, and he finally added a Tour de France championship to his list of accolades.
3. Someone or something that performs an action much faster than is usual. I can't believe you've already read through all these reports. You're a real speed demon! Th tablet's new CPU is a speed demon, all right, but it eats through the battery like nobody's business.
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the demon ˈdrink

(British English, humorous) alcoholic drink: It was the demon drink that made me act in that way.
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speed demon

1. n. a fast runner; a fast driver. Tom is a speed demon. He qualified for the Olympics.
2. n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. (Drugs.) When they are high, most speed demons don’t know what they are doing.
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References in classic literature ?
Against many times their own number of black warriors would they have raced to the protection of their chief; but this weird jungle demon filled them with terror.
If I, then, drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your own people drive them out?
For time out of mind, bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half-forgotten magics to protect them.
In this second installment, twin Seers Jade and Jasmine reunite to protect the world from demons.
Do demons, ghosts and nature spirits sometimes fight each other, or do they have their own dimensions?
This year, Cyn is off to theater camp with her new boyfriend, Ryan Halsey, to enjoy a summer free of demons and secrets (never mind the one she's still keeping from Ryan).
Many may think that theologians have more immediate concerns in today's world than angelology and demonology, admits Bonino, and even he confesses that angels and demons play a marginal role in Catholic theology.
But instead of typing up reports, or filling in spreadsheets while sat in an office, Kelly spends her days summoning up demons who've attached themselves to innocent people - then she'll banish them back to Hell where they belong
The Ohsweken Demons are gearing up for yet another season in the Canadian Lacrosse League.
Besides the accounts contained in Empress Dugu's and Dugu Tuo's biographies, the only other mention of the cat demon in Sui shu and Bei shi occurs in Emperor Wen's "Basic Annals," which record that, in 598 (the eighteenth year of the Kaihuang reign period), the Emperor issued a decree criminalizing cat demon worship, along with other forms of malevolent magic, including brewing gu poison (gudu), worshipping demons (yanmei), and yedao or masterless venoms (wu zhu zhi gu), on penalty of banishment (ion yu siyi).
He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down.
On the night of the new moon, the demons rise in force, seeking the deaths of two men, both of whom have the potential to become the fabled Deliverer, the man prophesied to reunite the scattered remnants of humanity in a final push to destroy the demon corelings once and for all.
But as well as being immortalised in movies such as The Exorcist and The Omen, demons are also the subject of serious research.
Demons came to mind immediately--but I couldn't shake the idea of the human personification of evil.
LEAMINGTON Royals went down 40-10 against top-ofthe-table Northampton Demons in a game curtailed by a neck injury to Royals' full-back Chris Dixon.