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A shortening of "Democrat," referring to a member of the Democratic Party. Of course they're arguing—he's a dem and she's a Republican.


1. verb To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants me to demo the software to her. Can you demo this exercise machine for me so I don't hurt myself?
2. noun An explanation of how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants a demo of the software—can you help her? Can you give me a demo on this exercise machine so I don't hurt myself?
3. noun A car or machine used primarily to show someone how something functions or how to operate it. This car is just like the demo Phil showed me at the dealership.

them's the breaks

There is nothing we can do about the way things have unfolded, especially bad ones, so there is no reason to be upset about it; that's just the way things are. I'm pretty gutted about not getting into the grad school program I wanted, but hey, them's the breaks.
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them's the facts

colloquial You've got to accept that these are the facts of the situation; that's just the way things are. Typically said of something that is unfortunate or undesirable for the other person. A: "I can't believe you got the promotion over me!" B: "Sorry, them's the facts!" Look, what happened to your family was wrong. Them's the facts. But wallowing in self-pity about it ain't gonna help one bit!
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1. and dem (dɛm) n. a member of the Democratic Party. A couple of dems are running for the caucus, but no other party is represented.
2. n. a demonstration (of something). Hey, Chuck, give this man a demo.
3. n. an automobile or other machine or device that has been used by a dealer for demonstration purposes. I can give you a demo for half price.
4. tv. to demonstrate something (to someone). Let me demo this for you so you can see how it works.
5. tv. to demonstrate (something) to someone. I’ve got to go demo these people on this software.


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For the APC, the time is ripe to stop this dem say, dem say democracy.
In a pamphlet called Rise and Fall of the Ceredigion Lib Dems, Mr Dafis recalls how a prominent Welsh Liberal Democrat said at a social function in Cardiff Bay in around 2000: "We're very confident that we can regain Ceredigion constituency from Plaid Cymru.
These errors leads to uncertainty and are mentioned as root mean square error (RMSE) of the DEM. RMSE defines the vertical accuracy of the DEM (Rodriguez et al., 2013) and is influenced by the nature of terrain, with higher RMSE in rugged terrain and lower in relatively flat terrain (Raaflaub and Collins, 2006).
outcome 5: lab minority supported by lib dems The Lib Dems have as many reservations about an alliance with Labour as with the Tories.
A poll published on October 3 by YouGov found that six per cent of found that six per cent of would back the Lib Dems if an election was held today, while 14 per cent would back UKIP and five per cent would back the Greens.
But last week the former parliamentary candidate quit the Lib Dems for Labour and, while the vehicle has been sold, he still retains the plates.
The Eastleigh by-election, called off the back of ( high-profile Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne resigning in highly negative circumstances , could be very interesting indeed.
Critics claim Winston Roddick hid his party allegiance to get elected, because the Lib Dems are unpopular But Mr Roddick has always maintained he has been entirely open.
Mr Clegg has put these forward, along with high-profile Lib Dem Shirley Williams, apparently without consulting the Tories.
ACCORDING to Wednesday's ECHO, Liverpool's Lib Dems have set out plans "to make Liverpool the European Green Capital", based on a seven page report by Cllr Richard Kemp.
NEARLY 70 per cent of Lib Dem voters have deserted the party in the past year, said a poll out yesterday.
Lib Dem MPs gave their support to his strategy of negotiating with the Tories about a possible deal.
Many studies debated the DEMs quality and the interpolation methods used in DEM generation (Mitas and Mitasova, 1999, Carlisle, 2005) even in relation to landform types (Chaplot et all, 2006) but unfortunately there are less similar studies for mountain areas.
Wycombe District - Totteridge: Lib Dem 733, C 408, Lab 214.