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delusions of grandeur

Unrealistic beliefs about the amount of power and influence one has. You're just an intern, so you definitely have delusions of grandeur if you think the boss is going to listen to you!
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labor under the delusion of/that

To live, operate, or function with the unyielding belief in something, especially that which is fanciful, unrealistic, or untrue. Primarily heard in US. Jeremy's always labored under the delusion of being a great writer, even though he's never written more than a few crummy poems. No one likes paying taxes, but those who would call for them to be done away with altogether are laboring under the delusion that our society can function without them!
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delusions of grandeur

a false impression of your own importance.
This expression is the equivalent of the French phrase folie de grandeur , which came into English in the late 19th century and is still used today.
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delusions of ˈgrandeur

(often humorous) a belief that you are more important than you really are: He’s been suffering from delusions of grandeur ever since he became manager.
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We decided to give them this medication [pimavanserin], which was approved by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] 2 years ago for hallucinations and delusions for Parkinson's disease."
In a past editorial, I discussed how one of my patients, Bethany, who had dropped out of college and became homeless for 4 years with refractory delusions and hallucinations, recovered completely when she received clozapine.
Song titles from Adelamonica's "Delusions of Grandeur" include "As Long As I Believe In Me" -- a song with the simple but powerful message that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and you never stop trying to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
Delusions had taken on a life of their own, and were paying rich dividends both in terms of votes and ratings.
According to this theory, delusions are constituted in 3 stages.
Psychotic symptoms can include detachment from reality, hallucinations, delusions, disorganised thinking, and lack of motivation or emotion.
Pathophysiological studies of delusions in dementia have revealed specific neural substrates that may be associated with delusions in patients with DLB [12, 15-17].
I have previously explained delusions, the fixed false beliefs that characterize serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia in terms of these Bayesian mechanisms (Corlett et al.
Reduced autonomic responses to faces in Capgras delusion. Proc Biol Sci.
The patient's mother experienced auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions. She likely had schizophrenia but was never diagnosed formally nor treated.
However, delusions, by definition, are "fixed false beliefs." Challenging a patient regarding their delusions is likely pointless, as the patients' minds cannot be changed.
[2,3,8] Socio-demographic background of may have a significant impact on content of delusions, including delusions of persecution.
She also suffered from jealous delusions, in which she accused her husband of having an extramarital affair, with one of his business partners for the last 2 years without evidence.
"Through its novel and selective mechanism of action, Nuplazid is a breakthrough treatment that works in a whole new way--treating hallucinations and delusions without blocking dopamine receptors and, therefore, not impairing motor function in Parkinson's psychosis patients."
Let's face it, advertising is not exactly immune to delusions. Damn it, we seem to collect them.