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déjà vu

The feeling that one has already experienced something that is happening in the present. I've never been to this city before, but I just got the weirdest sense of déjà vu.
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ˌdéjà ˈvu

(from French) the feeling that you have previously experienced something which is happening to you now: I had a strong sense of déjà vu as I walked into the room.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘already seen’.
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déjà moo

n. [tired] old bullshit. (Based on déjà vu, and the moo brings in the bovine aspect. Contrived, but admirable nonetheless.) Are you still peddling that nonsense. Nothing but déjà moo, all over again.
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En esa curva media (1871-1945) es donde nace el deja vu.
She also complained that Deja Vu, in citing her paper with almost 75,000 others, went "too far in condemning people and smearing their reputation before they have a chance to respond.
Synchronically, we have identified fifteen different uses of deja and gia, as shown in Table 1 (where numbers in parentheses refer to the section of the article where the use in question is discussed), of which eight are shared between the two particles.
Maybe Deja Vu caught me in a rare good mood, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Of the 18 people studied so far, 10 reported a "peculiar sensation" and five said it "definitely felt like deja vu".
Nov 20-23, Deja Donne, Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance
At the time, numerous loyal Deja users were upset to lose this Web-based window into the world of Usenet.
Jose Gonzalez, director de Operaciones de API, coincidio al opinar que "ninguna marca deja buen margen de utilidad"; pero para Hugo Cedillo, gerente de Soporte de ACIN, "Compaq es pato".
Long time Deja devotees complain of diminished functionality.
WARWICK's Deja Vu PC rally team hope to continue their run of back to back wins tonight at the final round of the National Rallysprint Championship at Silverstone.
Since 1995, the tool of choice among Net regulars has been Deja News, a search engine focused exclusively on Net message boards.
Deja vu movie moment, number 329: An older, monied professional takes home a desirable young prostitute.
For shorter jaunts in the wild, Deja Shoes' Terra Hiker Low ($64 to $70) uses pesticide-free hemp, recycled magazines, soda bottles and cardboard, and post-consumer tire rubber to make a lightweight hiker fit for groomed trails.
1897 Study for the Monument to Balzac, cast 1974; Aristide Maillol's 1902-9 Night, cast 1960) that in the bargain are often massive enlargements (Raymond Duchamp-Villon's Large Horse, conceived in 1914, aggrandized and fabricated 1966) is a collection with a powerful sense of deja vu, since so much of this material, from Ernst's 1944 The King Playing with the Queen to Giacometti's 1926 Spoon Woman to the large, late Henry Moores, can be seen in other, public collections.