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déjà vu

The feeling that one has already experienced something that is happening in the present. I've never been to this city before, but I just got the weirdest sense of déjà vu.
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ˌdéjà ˈvu

(from French) the feeling that you have previously experienced something which is happening to you now: I had a strong sense of déjà vu as I walked into the room.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘already seen’.
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déjà moo

n. [tired] old bullshit. (Based on déjà vu, and the moo brings in the bovine aspect. Contrived, but admirable nonetheless.) Are you still peddling that nonsense. Nothing but déjà moo, all over again.
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"Deja vu Security's team of innovative specialists brings considerable technical cybersecurity skills, making them a strong strategic fit, and will help our clients reduce the risk of their connected solutions.
Deja vu Security provides a range of security services designed to strengthen business applications and increase cyber resilience by integrating security throughout the product development lifecycle.
The investment in and introduction of 100% rPET brand DEJA is IVL's response to global concern around the world on environmental impact, particularly in relation to plastic.
Un montant de 200 millions de dirhams a deja ete investi, s'y ajoutera a moyen terme, une somme supplementaire de 100 millions de dirhams.
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In Deja's project, an app would be accessed by pressing two Braille buttons-a letter and a number-corresponding to the location of an icon on the screen.
Plusieurs agents avaient ete, deja, empeches de couper l'electricite sur certaines habitations alors qu'ils ont plusieurs factures non payees.
Rifai, Bossuyt, and Bruns presented in an editorial entitled "Identifying Duplicate Publications: Primum non Nocere," their analysis of 27 pairs of publications contained in the Deja Vu database, all associated with the journal Clinical Chemistry (1, 2).
The formal, recognized scientific definition of deja vu, which has become accepted world-wide, appears to be quoted in every major article on the subject and derives from my own PhD (Med) thesis at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa (Neppe, 1981c).
SCIENTISTS are close to uncovering the mystery of deja vu - the feeling you have witnessed something before, researchers say.