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An abbreviation of "disc jockey," one who selects and plays music for the public, as on a radio station or at a party or event. Man, this DJ is terrible—no one is dancing. I love that DJ's radio show—she always plays the best music.

disk jockey

and deejay and disc jockey and DJ
n. a radio announcer who introduces music from phonograph records. (see also veejay.) The disk jockey couldn’t pronounce the name of the singing group.
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The defeat saw the deejays drop from second to fourth on the standings with Impala leapfrogging them to third following their 77-0 win over Kisii.
8FM s new programming lineup sees deejay Vimala host the Attakasam with Vimala lunchtime show from 10am to 2pm, and deejay Rafi co-host the station s evening show RaRavudan Ragalai , which runs from 4pm to 8pm, with fellow deejay Ranjaniy every weekday.
DJ Hype Bananas, a new electronic dance music deejay who is hitting the scene with his sing-a-long breakdowns consisting of old rock, alternative and hip-hop lyrics infused by energetic, powerful drops.
Earlier, Najib "battled" with radio caller Yang Poh Ling in Mix FM's Battle of the Sexes, when he went live with deejays JD and Dilly.
Louisans remember the classic battle between WIL and KXOK to dominate the market's young listening audience in the late '50s and early '60s, but the city's first deejay war took place a decade earlier.
Llewellyn began promoting artists by reaching out to deejays and supplying them with new music and, occasionally, with MP3 files.
Not the first but perhaps the greatest of the early reggae deejays was Ewart "U Roy" Beckford (b.
At first glance, the draw in three of Deejay Scores in the third quarter-final looks none too clever, but the duo on his inside, Bossy Pallashell and Hungry Jack, are possibly the slowest two uppers left in the event so it threatens to be no handicap at all.
Cheap Channel Radio parodies Clear Channel's practices of acquiring radio stations and producing homogenous shows with the same deejays in multiple markets.
is the top-rated station in town because the deejays play the music they
The bottom line: the Journal said Michaels can cut overhead by as much as 20 percent, in part by spreading out deejays over several stations.
to Japan, and the disco beat, that steady thump that deejays call "four-on-the-floor," remains with us.
When it's over, Munisteri tells us the company will perform the same thing again, with the sections cut up and reordered, with dancers trading phrases, and with music improvised by deejays M.
Mike and I started out as deejays at the same time, we went through training together, we apprenticed with the same outfit, and then we each bought our identical systems and started our own businesses.