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What was the final straw that served as the deal breaker for RA?
During the same interview, she said that dishonesty was the biggest deal breaker when it came to relationships in her life.
poor communication was a deal breaker for 84 per cent of investors, compared to just under half (46 per cent) of businesses
That's a huge limitation and deal breaker for me--as I suspect it will be for others, too.
Turkey is aspiring to become an EU member, and in that sense, it would be a deal breaker in the membership negotiations.
Your phone will stop being that shiny block of metal and will resemble a soapbox, and these cases will add considerable heft to your phone, which will be a deal breaker if you bought a phone which is sleek and beautiful.
CHRIS Brown has a month to make a case that the Rihanna beating shouldn't be a deal breaker in his bid to visit Australia.
The handbrake position is The handbrake position is slightly problematic under the slightly problematic under the central armrest between the central armrest between the front seats but that is only on front seats but that is only on the top trim and probably the top trim and probably not a deal breaker.
It should be a deal breaker, too, for the Senate, when it considers the legislation later this week.
Bulgaria has abandoned the condition for no lay-offs without union approval, a deal breaker in the previous negotiations, and is now poised to discuss the future workforce of the company.
Besides being a cosmetic deal breaker for many prospective patients, this approach required daily anti-infective care and brought on other potential complications such as rejection of the implant.
org said that the replacement fare is nearly 50% more than the booked fare and was deal breaker for many passengers.
Boehner told his colleagues it was clear Obama wasn't willing to bend on raising revenues and that was the deal breaker for him.
You have to give Australia great credit for mounting such a fightback, although Mitchell Johnson's first-innings spell of six wickets was the real deal breaker.