dead cat bounce

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dead cat bounce

A sign that something is healthy or recovering, when in fact the thing is already on its way to ruin, collapse, or stagnation. Used particularly in reference to financial issues. (Based on the figurative notion that a dead cat will still bounce after a large fall.) Analysts are warning investors that the sudden spike in the currency's value is a dead-cat bounce, a natural and predictable rally after a heavy sell-off.
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a dead cat bounce

a misleading sign of vitality in something that is really moribund. informal
A dead cat might bounce if it is dropped from a great height: the fact of it bouncing does not reliably indicate that the cat is alive after all. The expression was coined in the late 20th century by Wall Street traders to refer to a situation in which a stock or company on a long-term, irrevocable downward trend suddenly shows a small temporary improvement.
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deadcat bounce

n. a small, knee-jerk rally in one of the financial markets. (A dead cat—or any other animal—will bounce only slightly after being dropped. Refers to a stock index or security price that bounces up only slightly after a precipitous fall. Securities market.) The whole market gave only a deadcat bounce after the string of losses this last week.
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mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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He said: "This may well be a dead cat bounce, but one imagines given the state they are in the global markets will welcome any respite they can.
The post China and the dead cat bounce appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
One local stock brokerage, Regina Capital Development Corp., noted this was a "dead cat bounce," referring to a brief respite during a period of falling stock prices.
There was a minor recovery in the market and the rupee the other day but I believe that will turn out to be a dead cat bounce and that both will continue to head south for some time to come.
"We saw a dead cat bounce today but the underlying mood remains cautious." Volumes on the Sensex were 27 per cent below the 30-day average and the gauge's 50-day volatility climbed to 12.47, the highest reading since November 27, data shows.
Alexander McNabb,director of Dubai PR firm Spot On, says whether we are seeing a return to excess or perhaps a dead cat bounce only time will tell.
WEAKER than expected US manufacturing data pushed London's leading shares index into the red yesterday as Monday's near 2% surge proved to be a dead cat bounce.
ITG has started to push into the comedy business with a growing list of comedians, including Steve Coogan, Johnny Vegas, Simon Bird and Irish mock-rock combo Dead Cat Bounce; it is planning a significant drive into sports such as tennis and golf.
Hence, I wouldn't think equities can make a sustained rally -- current gains are more of a dead cat bounce."
"They see this as a 'dead cat bounce', with share-price falls likely in September/October," he said.
"They see this as a ' dead cat bounce', with share-price falls likely in September/October.
We have been proven wrong over the past few weeks, but we continue to argue that we are in a global equities "dead cat bounce" situation; only time will tell.
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There have been days where shares have rallied, but there were fears that it could be a "dead cat bounce" - a temporary upturn after a major fall in the market before another drop.
Still, so much unanswered buying has left a rather large nagging doubt--is this rally a "dead cat bounce?" Such a strong rally has left plenty of room below, and with investors worldwide still jumpy (as well as the susceptibility of financial markets to panic-selling), a return of the bears cannot be discarded should any bad news break.