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Davy Jones's locker

The deepest depths of the ocean, especially as a grave for those who have died at sea. Tragically, many men from that battle in the Pacific Ocean are now in Davy Jones's locker.
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Davy Jones's locker

the bottom of the sea, especially when it is a grave. They were going to sail around the world, but ended up in Davy Jones's locker. Most of the gold from that trading ship is in Davy Jones's locker.
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Davy Jones's locker

Also, Davy's locker. The bottom of the sea, especially the grave of those who die at sea. For example, Caught out at sea during the hurricane, they thought they were heading for Davy Jones's locker . This term, first recorded in 1726, alludes to Davy Jones, a name given to the evil spirit of the sea. The ultimate origin of both Davy and Jones is disputed. A logical theory is that Jones referred to the biblical Jonah who was swallowed by a whale, and Davy was a corruption of a West Indian word for "devil."
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go to Davy Jones's locker

be drowned at sea.
Davy Jones is identified in Tobias Smollett's Peregrine Pickle ( 1751 ) as ‘the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep’, but the origin of the name is uncertain.
See also: Davy, locker
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