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BEIRUT: A Danish vocational school has been ordered to pay a fine to a Muslim student of Lebanese origin after expelling her when she refused to eat pork, Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman said Thursday.
We are very pleased to be able to team up with the Danish Armed Forces and to make the best use of our defence portfolio; this is a partnership where both parties are looking forward to delivering world class services to the Danish Armed Forces.
People who have collectively suffered "have a right to receive help," said Danish.
Ambassador Sorensen said: "I am excited that we have a Danish business delegation in Pakistan.
It said former Danish minister for development cooperation and member of parliament Christian Friis Bach in his remarks on the occasion said Pakistan was a friendly, open, hospitable and democratic country with free civil society and vibrant media.
The Danish Minister seized the opportunity to express a word of gratitude for the efforts exerted by both the international and local institutions in coordinating the distribution of aids to Syrian refugees.
Included in the 750-member Danish contingent is a mechanised battle group with main battle tanks -- part of the British-led Task Force in Helmand province, according to a statement from the NATO-led force.
unwritten vowels that make Danish so hard to learn and many
Bulgaria has an interest in attracting Danish investment in the field of energy effiiency, a field in which Denmark has a strong experience," said Plevneliev.
Nikolaj Villumsen, a member of the Danish parliament for Enhedslisten, said Turkey has been reluctant to provide a satisfactory explanation over the release of the suspect.
Andersen observed, although the main emphasis of the visit was on military aspects, the programme was also a presentation of the Danish democracy, Danish Foreign and Defense policies.
The relationship between Denmark and Lebanon will be highlighted next week during Danish Cultural Week in Beirut, which Christensen announced during a news conference, describing it as a celebration to mark the Danish Arabian Expedition 250 years ago.
While those closer to traumatic events are more susceptible to consequences, psychologist and neuroscientist Dalia Danish says second-hand exposure to events - such as watching events unfold from one's balcony or one's television - can also be traumatic.
What could be a better bicentennial tribute to the great Danish choreographer August Bournonville (1805-1879), than documenting his teaching legacy?
The half-Danish sister of the Duke of Normandy and a descendant of Vikings, she would be Queen to two kings, Ethelred the Unready (who needed to ally with the Normans against Viking raiders) and later, the Danish Canute.
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