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a Daniel come to judgement

A person who is or has been able to wisely resolve a particularly difficult problem or dispute. Coined by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, it alludes to the Biblical character Daniel, who was renowned for having excellent faculties of judgment. Primarily heard in UK. The newly elected prime minister has been a Daniel come to judgement, finally brokering a peace between the two warring countries.
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damn Daniel

slang A complimentary exclamation. The phrase originated in a Twitter video. Damn Daniel! You look good in that leather jacket.
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A nine-week trial heard the couple, both originally from Poland, hid the horrifying abuse by claiming Daniel had an eating disorder.
Carolina Caudra, 26, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder, a day after Daniel was taken to Verdugo Hills Hospital, then transferred to Huntington, where he remained on life support until Sunday.
The cruise line omitted the fact that Daniel and his friends drank little of the liquor they had brought onboard the ship, and that Daniel had in fact been served alcohol at one of the cruise ship bars.
He was proud to go to Iraq,'' Daniel Steinbacher said.
Kevin Daniel (1948-1988) had two children with Mary Smart, whom he married in about 1945 - Elizabeth Daniel (1964) and Kevin Daniel (1970).
where the Jack Daniel Distillery was opened later, and that relative was known as "John 'Jack the Lad' Daniels.
Photo: (1 -- color) Daniel Oncea, 5, left, and big brother Billy, 8, clown around during a timeout from the cockpits of their racing go-karts.
With his mother looking on, Daniel will continue to take swimming lessons three times a week and strive toward his goal.
Daniel IT Services focuses on helping companies implement e-commerce solutions based on IBM WebSphere Commerce.
We are delighted to align ourselves with Daniel Gale Sotheby's," explained Frank Huntington.
Forsman and Daniel if, in fact, the jury believed that Dr.
After airing just four episodes, NBC dropped its new series, The Book of Daniel, amid dismal ratings and growing protests from upset Christians.
Set in California, The Book of Daniel stars film actor Aidan Quinn as Daniel Webster, a laidback, liberal parish priest who relies a bit heavily on prescription pain pills.
In 1813, though he hates sailing Daniel is at sea near the French side of the Channel working as an undercover smuggler when shots are fired.