as near as dammit

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as near as dammit

In every practical or functional sense; almost completely. Primarily heard in UK. These shoes look like the ones she saw in the magazine, as near as dammit, so I think she'll love them.
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as near as dammit (or damn it)

as close to being accurate as makes no difference. informal
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as ˌnear as ˈdammit

(also as ˌnear as makes no ˈdifference) (British English, spoken) very nearly; so nearly something or so like something that you can consider it the same: The bill for the meal was £100, as near as dammit.Here’s some paint to cover that scratch on the car. It’s not an exact match but it’s as near as makes no difference.
Dammit is a way of writing damn it (an expression showing you are annoyed or impatient)
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' You have got to have QS 9000 for the automotive market; you have got to be as near as damnit 100 per cent delivery, and you have got to have very, very few customer returns.
Finally the catcher dropped his hands and blurted out, "Damnit, Harry Wright, you can do that, too?"
Faced with a presidential campaign that seems the death knell of hope, I will confess that, damnit, I miss Hubert Humphrey and Nelson Rockefeller.
"When I saw the fixtures announcement, I said, 'Damnit!' I was hoping to avoid them. damnit are you, is why I stop you, how are you.
"I could listen to Tina Fey rap the word 'damnit' every day for the rest of my life," said user ( @BriLeRose .
As dear Oscar said: "Damnit, it's your duty to get married.
Now on to gymnastics, and the man on the telly said:'Poor Beth Tweedle, she won't be getting a medal.' As close as damnit to a rhyming couplet, since Tweedle is pronounced like pedal - or medal if you like!
I hate to say it, but they weren't too awful, damnit. Nothing to scare those who actually know what they're gibbering about, as the real O'Sullevan very sensibly pointed out, but a hell of a lot better than one mug who was hoping to see them wind up straddled over Becher's anyway.
God damnit, where is my little girl?" I leapt up from the bed to rock her in my arms while she exhausted herself into sleep.
Tell me what years are, damnit. Tell me what time is, damnit, damnit You're stupid.
Indigo denim,just the right shade for the moment, covering buns of steel which you earned,God damnit,in your local gym.
The kid was scraping his hands up and down her arms, and she broke the surface saying, "Ow, damnit, Max," and he was screaming with what she thought was panic, but then realized as his arms kept extending behind her, was rage--he was still reaching for his toys and couldn't get them.
And so to the all-important power-to-weight ratio, on a bike that's only 4kgs lardier than the race-bred 750 and with near as damnit the same dimensions.