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rattle (one's) dags

To hurry up; to get moving or working; to do something with increased energy, intensity, or effort. Primarily heard in Canada. Come on, rattle your dags—we need to get this project finished! I'm calling on all my fellow citizens to rattle their dags and show the government that we want this legislation overturned.
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rattle your dags

If you tell someone to rattle their dags, you mean that they should hurry. Come on, rattle your dags or we'll be late! Note: `Dags' are pieces of dried waste on the tail of a sheep that make a rattling noise if the sheep runs.
See also: dag, rattle

rattle your dags

hurry up. Australian & New Zealand informal
Dags are the excreta-clotted lumps of wool at the rear end of a sheep, which, in heavily fouled animals, rattle as they run.
See also: dag, rattle
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We believe the production of the DAGS '92 Multimedia Proceedings is a step toward academic publications that more fully reproduce the experience of a live conference or classroom.
It has been shown that the fusion process converts the original Web graph to a DAG.
No known algorithm produces an optimal elimination sequence for a general DAG with polynomial complexity.
This complements the findings from DAGs that R1A is affected by R4 in contemporaneous time.
1974], an extensive simulation study was conducted using randomly generated DAGs.
Caption: Figure 20: Convergence trace for the set of the randomly generated DAGs with 20 tasks.
Each task of a given DAG is associated with execution time and communication time between the tasks [T.
Der er noget vist paradoksalt ved, at man i sa mange ar har beskaeftiget sig med kulturkritik og vaeret sa enig med Gronbech og alle andre revsere af det moderne storbymenneskes livsvilkar i dag, og sa samtidig selv driver en fabriksvirksomhed, hvor arbejderne sidder ved samlebandet, og har et kontorpersonale, hvis arbejdsvilkar ikke adskiller sig vaesentligt fra andre kontorers.
Just as the structure of a Bayesian network is a DAG, the structure of an MSBN is a Multiply Sectioned DAG (MSDAG) with a hypertree organization.
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On DAGs comment about establishment of a judicial commission to probe the issue, Justice Javed told him that he should apprise the Court before setting up such commission.
3a/4]: "As the Valley of the Three Regions at the border of 'Ol[-kha] [and] D[v]ags[-po] is one having eight virtuous sacred sites" ('ol dags mtshams kyi lung gsum ljongs : dge gnas brgyad kyi gcig yin pas).
Stuart Fleetwood (16 and 49) scored both - with Ben Strevens scoring in between for the Dags - as Exeter rose from fifth spot.
One Royal Proclamation of 1579 said in part, "Finally, also her Majesty farther chargeth all manner Officers in Cities, Towns and other places, to make search for all manner small Dags, called pocket Dags, as well as any man's house to be suspected for the same, as in the Shops and Houses of Artificers that do use to make same: And all them shall seize and take into their custody, delivering a Bill of their hands, testifying the receipt thereof, to the intent the owners may have such recompense for the same .
The GES algorithm is a stepwise search over alternative DAGs using Bayesian posterior scores.