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and dum-dum
n. a stupid oaf; a dullard. Marvin is no dum-dum. He just looks that way.




and rum-dum (ˈrəmˈdəm)
1. n. a drunkard; a ruined alcoholic. I don’t want to end up like a dirty rum-dumb.
2. n. a stupid person. Hey, rumdum, wise up and do what you are told.
3. mod. alcohol intoxicated. The old lady got rumdum on gin.


See rumdum
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For more than 50 years, Dum Dums fans have enjoyed the fun of solving the Mystery Flavor famously identified by the question mark on the wrapper.
Rest assured that you also will find your favorite flavors of Dum Dums in the promotional bags," said Brock.
The earliest exposure to the garden -- whether it's in helping parents to garden or in planting their first Dum Dums Garden -- can help them develop a love for helping things to grow," said Brock.
Spangler Candy Company is celebrating the Dum Dums Garden this spring, with a full range of opportunities to highlight the efforts of Dum Dums "gardeners.
Dum Dums have a way of making things fun for all ages," says Mattea St.
More than thirty million Hawaiian Punch Dum Dums will be nationally distributed at top retailers.
Visitors will be amazed by the amount of candy produced at the factory including 10 million Dum Dums per day, 1.
We're thrilled to give Facebook fans a voice in the selection of the next Dum Dums flavors," commented Dum Dums Brand Manager, Evan Brock.
The store offers Spangler products including single flavored Dum Dums containers, bulk Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops, and Candy Canes and Circus Peanuts.
New and improved Fruit Punch rejoins the Dum Dums flavor mix after going on vacation in 2002.
The store offers Spangler products including 120 count single flavored Dum Dum boxes (now available in the NEW Orange flavor), Dum Dum Chewy Pops, and sand pails filled with Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops.
Spangler Candy Company has launched Dum Dums Mystery Mania sweepstakes.
It's always difficult trying to pigeon hole new music, but the Dum Dums are probably best described as the love child of a one-night stand between Brit poppers Menswear meets EMF.
Spangler Candy Company, manufacturer of 10 million Dum Dum Pops a day, is searching for the biggest Dum Dums fans.
The response to Dum Dums was wonderful," noted Jim Knight, VP-Marketing for Spangler, "the teen celebrities had an obvious fondness for the Dum Dum brand.