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do's and don'ts

The general rules and regulations of a given activity, operation, or situation. Before you begin your first day working for us, there are a few important do's and don'ts that I need to familiarize you with. Tom doesn't understand the basic do's and don'ts of social etiquette.
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a rum do

dated An odd, strange, or surprising occurrence, situation, or turn of events, especially one that might be considered somewhat disreputable or distasteful. Primarily heard in UK. A young man taking a wife so much older than himself? My word, what a rum do that is! Well, this is a rum do, if I've ever seen one. The kitchen porter has just been made the head chef!
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fair do's

A phrase used when one is emphasizing their belief that something is fair. Come on, you need to watch the kids tonight because I do it all the time—fair do's.
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1. verb To have sexual intercourse with someone. It's pretty obvious that you want to do Kayla, so you might as well just come out with it.
2. noun A party or similarly festive event. I know Sally's having some big do this weekend, but I just feel like staying home and relaxing.
3. noun A hairstyle. From "hairdo." I love your new do! What salon do you go to? I need a new do—any suggestions?


 (one's) duty
1. . to do one's job; to do what is expected of one. Please don't thank me. I'm just doing my duty. Soldiers who fight in wars are doing their duty.
2. Euph. to defecate or urinate. We're not leaving this restroom until you do your duty. She did her duty in the potty, just like a big girl!

do someone (down)

Rur. to treat someone badly. I ain't speaking to Mary. Not after the way she did me down.

do's and don'ts

Rules or customs concerning some activity, as in It's important to know the do's and don'ts of diplomatic receptions. This expression alludes to what one should and should not do or say. [c. 1900]
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the dos and don'ts

COMMON The dos and don'ts of a particular situation are the things you should and should not do in that situation. Disasters can be avoided if a few general dos and don'ts are considered. The publisher produces a detailed booklet and cassette tape full of dos and don'ts for aspiring authors.
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dos and don'ts

rules of behaviour.
1999 Alumnus Volunteers are prepared well on…cultural dos and don'ts before they leave for the field to serve.
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fair dos

used to request just treatment or to accept that it has been given. British informal
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do’s and ˈdon’ts

(informal) what to do and what not to do; rules: This book is a useful guide to the do’s and don’ts of choosing and buying your first car.
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1. n. a party; a social event. I’m having a do for a friend this weekend. Would you like to come?
2. tv. & in. to use a drug or drugs in general. (see also do a line, do drugs.) Taylor never stopped doing. She just switched from dust to splash.
3. and doo n. a hairdo. I can’t go out in this rain and get my doo wet!
4. Go to (must) do.
5. in. to serve (a purpose) well. (Usually with will or won’t.) This will do quite nicely.
6. Go to doo-doo.
7. tv. to copulate [with] someone. (Usually objectionable.) He did Martha, then he did Sue, then he did Gloria.


/turn the trick
To bring about the desired result.
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