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Kuwahara, "2D DOA estimation using beam steering antenna by the switched parasitic elements and RBF neural network," Electronics and Communications in Japan (Part I: Communications), Vol.
The customer decided to consider the new DOA design as one component of its moisture management program.
In most previous works, the DOA estimation is based on the Nyquist sampling: the sampling rate must be at least twice the maximum frequency present in the signal.
By using the delay-and-sum DOA scheme with each element replaced by our sector antenna, the array output power with respect to scanned angles of directions for a 3-element array can be obtained.
This means that the antenna simulator must create attenuation proportional to the spherical angle between the boresight of the antenna and the DOA of each signal, as shown in Figure 5.
All these DOA estimation methods without estimating the source number could be classified to noise subspace method, for the information they use is completely from noise subspace.
Since accurate amplitude measurements are required in order to determine DOA, the CW signal precludes proper system operation against pulses.
This clearance allows the Company to further expand its offerings to customers with new and innovative products for DOA testing," stated Dr.
Mian Mujtaba Shuja Ur Rehman, addressing the gathering, appreciated the work of the DOA team for the sake of the empowering the neglected segment of society through providing education and training in Hut schools.
There are some trials for DOA estimation by applying the wavelet transform method into several subbands MUSIC scenarios [6-8].
The DOA, through this entire episode, has refused to give any reason for its action against this tenant.
Kennedy, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, said "We are very pleased to establish this new relationship with Lin-Zhi, which will give us access to their full line of DOA testing.
After waiting many years for a quality noise ordinance to come out of the DOA and (Airport Commission), it is time for me to make a renewed effort to bring this ordinance to fruition now,'' Chick wrote.
In addition to the team playoffs, the World Final will also feature a special "Battle of the Sexes" DOA4 match-up on Thursday the 13th where Vanessa Arteaga and Ryan "OffBeatNinja" Ward, the top women's and men's DOA players in the world, will battle it out for supremacy.
The immunoassay DOA tests, which can be used to detect up to 15 commonly abused substances including cocaine, methamphetamine and THC (active ingredient in marijuana), are FDA-cleared and CE Marked.