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An abbreviation of "disc jockey," one who selects and plays music for the public, as on a radio station or at a party or event. Man, this DJ is terrible—no one is dancing. I love that DJ's radio show—she always plays the best music.
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disk jockey

and deejay and disc jockey and DJ
n. a radio announcer who introduces music from phonograph records. (see also veejay.) The disk jockey couldn’t pronounce the name of the singing group.
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Rekordbox dj is the dawn of a new era for rekordbox DJs. Further enhancements, including DVS control and custom MIDI mode are expected soon.
The seller of the software, Rahul insists that he manages to sell at least ten of these DVDs every day and that a number of his customers are DJs. However, while the potential and possibility seems to be created by such a presence it is actually shunned for the most part by those who have been DJ-ing for some years, who say that it is futile to depend only upon laptops and pirated software.
Amanj Askander Qader, DG Hawler Office director, said, "Our business is very good as people nowadays use DJs for wedding parties.
Driven by a common passion to set the dance floor on fire, several lady DJs have come together to form their own league under the name "22.10".
Radio DJs usually present a programme that reflects their personality and musical interests.
Surprisingly enough, it appears to be the first conference anywhere which attempts to take stock of the musical styles which have evolved since DJs stopped simply playing other people's records and began to see the record deck itself as a musical instrument.
If any of the three DJs win the next regional heat in Bristol, they will qualify for the UK championship at the Ministry of Sound in London.
SAM NANDA caught up with one of the most innovative DJs on the UK music scene halfway into a unique audio-visual tour where he not only mixes records - but DVDs.
We're not talking American elections here; no, it's something far more serious - the DJ mag's top 100 DJs poll.
This is Womb, a four-level, subterranean super-club where big name, highly paid foreign DJs whip an electric crowd of 20- to 35-year-old students, workers, musicians, actors, models, fashionista and other brazenly beautiful people into a rhythmic frenzy under the biggest mirror ball in the country.
Underneath her larger-than-life, DJ-as-rock-star image, however, Gutierrez is one of the most down-to-earth, hard-working DJs around, the proud mother of a 23-year-old son, and still somewhat incredulous about the path her life has taken.
In the '40s and '50s, the first wave of great R&B and rock 'n' roll DJs didn't just pick their own records; they made radio an improvisatory art form, putting similar songs together, fiddling with the levers and dials in front of them, spinning yarns, making up rhymes, interacting with the music as it played.
But the past 2 years Americans became more open to Afrobeats, they come up to the DJs and requests songs by Davido and Wizkid'.
'I basically taught myself how to a DJ but I've been inspired by DJs throughout my career.