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disk jockey

and deejay and disc jockey and DJ
n. a radio announcer who introduces music from phonograph records. (see also veejay.) The disk jockey couldn’t pronounce the name of the singing group.
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Usually, the more a DJ manages to earn, the more money he will actually be able and willing to spend on acquiring software and music; legitimacy and authority go hand in hand with a DJ's money.
Split into European, North and Latin American and Middle Eastern, African, Asian and Australasian regions, the search was on to find the best amateur DJ's and give them a chance to unleash their talent and the echoes of their music beats with an international audience.
Hip-Hop's founders created a set of rules and created a tradition for champions, it was proven during DJ battles, and it was put on wax as the DJ's & MC's paved the path proclaiming their DJ was the best.
In addition, all Scratch Weddings DJs have passed the company's Scratch Test(TM), a proprietary 10-step screening process that tests a DJ's critical talents, traits, background and appeal.
3) DJ's Place, a club for middle-school students, is open two Fridays a month in Sage Hall at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.
Join the Conversation: Congrats to DJ Innovate of CDG DJ's for spinning his way to the top in the Vegas Spin-Off DJ contest #LVSpinOff #EDM
Guinn says DJ's process control today is good enough that the company could, in theory, do away with many after-the-fact quality checks.
Through the partnership with W Hotels, we are providing access and guidance to renowned music and entertainment industry names to nurture and develop aspiring DJ's, helping them break onto a global stage.
The event forms part of the Bahraini DJ's Follow Me and You Will Be Happy national tour that was launched last weekend at the Z-Club in Juffair.
Although the Valley's top spinners are known for wildly different types of music, from dance-hall reggae to current hip-hop to '80s favorites, they all share the club DJ's secret weapon.