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An abbreviation of "disc jockey," one who selects and plays music for the public, as on a radio station or at a party or event. Man, this DJ is terrible—no one is dancing. I love that DJ's radio show—she always plays the best music.
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disk jockey

and deejay and disc jockey and DJ
n. a radio announcer who introduces music from phonograph records. (see also veejay.) The disk jockey couldn’t pronounce the name of the singing group.
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Thus, the construction of the practitioner's (here the DJ's) identity is, in Laves words, "a collective enterprise and is only partly a matter of an individual's sense of self, biography, and substance".
Much like the DJ's experience of listening to songs and gaining knowledge through the pirate economy, the knowledge of the song is passed on, on the basis of the affective force (affectus) it has and the capacity to be affected (affection) it can produce.
DJ's CIM system now embraces 65% of the company's 240 injection machines of 55 to 700 tons and about 500 of its molds.
DJ's CIM system starts with RIG data-collection boxes on each machine, which collect process data from cavity-pressure sensors and other instrumentation.
In the '90s, successful dj's such as David Morales travel internationally to make club appearances, and may earn considerable sums remixing new material for Aretha, D-REAM, and the like.
At some point, my love for music made me like a DJ's performance at a birthday party.
Fennelly went up to DJ's house on Tuesday night when word of the impending retirement began to envelop the whole county.
With two Co.Board officers they failed to change DJ's mind or even stall the decision.