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informal Primarily heard in US.
1. A contraction of the greeting "How do you do?" Well hey, Bob, how-de-do? Been a long time since I've seen you around here!
2. A particularly bad, unpleasant, unfortunate, or unfair issue, outcome, or situation. (Often phrased as "a fine how-de-do.") Well, that's a fine how-de-do. I'm on the job for just two days, and I find out that the company is going bankrupt!

Miller of Dee

A person who lives alone or independently from others, usually for selfish reasons. Originates from the English folk song Miller of Dee. Primarily heard in UK. Dan was quickly labeled the miller of Dee because of his carefree, bachelor lifestyle.
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tweedledee and tweedledum

Any two people very similar in appearance, manner, or behavior, especially those who are or act particularly oafish or foolish. A reference to the names of two fictional twins in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. It's a wonder we have any nice things at all with tweedledee and tweedledum over there running around the house knocking into everything. Most of the world sees our two countries as tweedledee and tweedledum, but we generally hate being lumped in with our boorish neighbors to the south.
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Mr Rzigui, who is married and has a daughter, started having trouble with Dees in March.
Before departing for a flight to the overseas processing center at Fort Benning, Ga., Dees offered some observations about the work that is ahead.
"After a while," Dees writes, "angry loners are likely to grow bored roaming around the woods and shooting at paper targets....Predicting when and where militia terrorists will strike next is no easier than guessing when and where the next whirlwind of dust will form.
Russell Jarvis, above, is a Partner in the Projects Team at Dickinson Dees LLP.
After winning work with Durham County Council on its pounds 400m programme in September, Dickinson Dees' projects team has just been appointed by Gateshead and South Tyneside Councils ( which are jointly procuring their own BSF project.
Dickinson Dees's ability to not only attract, but to retain, the very best in the business has been evidenced through the firm's reputation as a good employer ( it has been listed as one of the Times Top 100 Companies to Work For for two years in a row.
The Dickinson Dees team advised the Bell family and various other shareholders of Bells Stores on this deal.
200m: 1 Lloyd Robbins (Dee) 24.57; 400m: 1 Robbins 56.17; LJ: 1 Robbins 5.75; 3 Connor Laverty (Menai) 5.35; SP: 3 Mathew Williams (Wrex) 10.40.
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Under-11 girls:- 60m C Hughes (Deeside) 9.2 (NR); Sitting throw M Williams (Dee) 5.00; SLJ C Hughes 1.98.
Among North Walians who gained medals at the Welsh U17 and U20 championships at Deeside were:- U17 Ladies: 100m 1 H Thomas (Wrexham) 12.11; 200m 1 Thomas 25.20; 300m 3 A Fraser (Deeside) 43.76; 80mH 2 M Rogers (Wrex) 12.09; 300mH 1 Rogers 44.90; HJ1 S Swanson (Maldwyn) 1.60; PV 1 C Hughes (Deeside 3.50 (new CBP), 2 R Davies (Dee) 3.40; LJ 3 A Elliott (Dee) 5.02; SP 3 R Chin (Dee) 9.05; DT 1 B Leung (Menai) 35.90, 3 Chin 30.07.
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