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slang Bisexual. "AC/DC" is a term typically applied to devices that can operate on two different types of electric currents: an alternating current (AC) or a direct current (DC). A: "Dude, are you sure that girl you hooked up with is AC/DC?" B: "Yes! I just saw her kissing some chick at the bar."
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and AC/DC
mod. bisexual. (Older. Initialism.) I didn’t realize at first that we were in an AC-DC bar! He was reported to be “AC/DC” by a member of the press.


See also: Ac, DC
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The Company may not have the ability to raise the money to purchase the minority interest in DCS.
As a result of this agreement, DCS customers will benefit from labor management solutions and services that only a world class company like Kronos can provide," said Chris Webster, co-founder of DCS.
The acquisition gives DCS customers access to Kronos' vast product portfolio, including its Web-based Workforce Central(TM) and Kronos iSeries Central suites, as well as Timekeeper Central(R) and ShopTrac Pro(R).
DCS recognizes that Nextel business customers are always looking for better ways to manage their mobile workforce," said Blair MacKinnon, Director of Sales - North America at DCS.
DCS specializes in the development and market deployment of wireless communications hardware, software and vehicle location services for mobile assets and vehicles for the fleet tracking industry.
In addition to upgrading to a new, more powerful operator interface system, the DCS console replacement also takes advantage of the InTouch HMI to provide new access to a plant-wide, PC-based data historian, computerized maintenance management systems, and the ability to easily interface to more than 700 other control systems that previously were not available via the standard DCS systems.
A major enhancement provided by this solution is the ability to share all control and production information throughout a plant, including wireless applications -- which means remote users can even interact with DCS applications via handheld devices such as PDAs," Nichols added.
Introduced in April, the DCS 760 is Kodak Professional's latest entrant in the infoimaging industry, which is driven by the convergence of images and information technology.
The new DCS digital camera portfolio is a clear example of Kodak's leadership in and influence on infoimaging, a $225 billion industry created by the convergence of image science and information technology.
Under the agreement, which was formalized in December 2000, Lucent will directly market and sell VentoMap for DCS for five years, and SPSS ETD will provide professional services and maintenance for the solution.