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that's the breaks

There is nothing we can do about the way things have unfolded, especially bad ones, so there is no reason to be upset about it; that's just the way things are. I'm pretty gutted about not getting into the grad school program I wanted, but hey, that's the breaks.
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that's the breaks


them's the breaks

People say that's the breaks or them's the breaks to mean that this is the way life is and there is nothing you can do about it. Some days you don't play so well, but that's the breaks.
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that's (or them's) the breaks

that's the way things turn out (used to express resigned acceptance of a situation). North American informal
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Tru dat

sent. That’s true.; I agree. Tru dat. I know just what you mean.
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Grades of DAT were positively correlated with risk of peak bilirubin levels, severity of disease and intensity of treatment.
8) However, they have greater sensitivity than conventional tube testing (6,9) and this increased sensitivity may lead to the detection of clinically insignificant but weakly positive DAT results that sometimes demonstrate negative eluates.
A maior demanda ocorreu nos periodos de 15 a 25 DAT e 25 a 35 DAT, com taxas medias de acumulo, respectivamente, para 'Iracema' e 'Gran Prix', de 0,02 e 0,03 g [planta.
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Finally, he said, when the global cognitive scores of individuals in all three DAT levels were compared, "we got some sense that there is a relationship between the extent of DAT deficit and the likelihood of seeing these cognitive changes.
There is more to DAT than meets the eye and when one becomes aware of the tradeoffs, DAT no longer seems benign.
Tracking community and technical team members' evolving perceptions was one of the criteria used to measure the success of the DAT process.
Comparisons of observed cases of cancer in blood donors with expected cases in the general population also found twice the incidence of cancer in DAT-positive donors, but no elevation of cancer rates in those who had tested DAT negative.
A wide-tape cleaning cartridge (DAT/CL2) is also available for head cleaning maintenance of the DAT 160 drive to maintain clean head conditions for optimum data storage performance, the company claims.
They knew animals given high doses of methamphetamine had lowered DAT levels and wanted to see if the doses of methamphetamine abused by humans also resulted in lowered DAT levels; they suspected the loss of DATs might affect motor skills and memory bemuse of the location in the brain where DAT levels were most reduced.
What conclusion earl you draw from the fact that the lower a methamphetamine abuser's DAT level, the lower his/her performance on the motor and memory tests?
HP gained that position on the strength of its dominant position in 4mm DAT drives with a 58 percent market share and as the top producer of LTO drives.
There is a high density of DAT target sites in the striatum, the region of the brain that is primarily affected by PD.
Delay in DAT administration can lead to life-threatening respiratory obstruction, myocarditis, and other complications.