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bio dad

One's biological father, as opposed to one's adoptive father (or perhaps other non-biological father figure). I finally found my bio dad by using some genealogy sites and Facebook.
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bonus dad

An alternative to the title "step-dad," which is a male caregiver of a child who assumed the parental role through marriage to one of the child's original (usually biological) parents. Most commonly, a step-dad is the second husband of a child's biological mother. I live with my dad during the week and then visit my mom and bonus dad every other weekend.
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dad bod

slang A physique characterized by moderate chubbiness; the stereotypical physique of a middle-aged dad. The phrase is often used affectionately or approvingly. Aww, I don't care that he's a bigger guy—I like guys with a dad bod.
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dad fetch my buttons

Oh my goodness! An exclamation of surprise. Dad fetch my buttons, I didn't expect such an outpouring of support from y'all!
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deadbeat dad

Slang A father who is not involved in the lives of his child(ren), physically and/or monetarily. Don't be a deadbeat dad, Sean—go see your kids this weekend! I'm no deadbeat dad, I make all of my child support payments!
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A name for a gadget or thing whose actual name is unknown or has been forgotten. Where's that doodad? I need it to finish this repair. Hand me that doodad or whatever it's called, will you?


slang Someone who acts in an outdated and uncool manner. Oh, he's a real granddad. He'll never go to a club with us.


slang Someone who cannot surf, possibly in spite of actions or statements to the contrary. Of course that dude wiped out—he's a total hodad!

not your dad's

Very modern or updated; no longer what an older generation would expect or be used to. With every building now featuring wireless Internet and touch-screen monitors integrated into the desks in each classroom, this is certainly not your dad's high school anymore.
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stay-at-home dad

A father who forgoes employment outside of the home in order to care for his children and the household. Being a stay-at-home dad is just as much hard work as going to an office every day.
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A male caregiver of a child who assumed the parental role through marriage to one of the child's original (usually biological) parents. Most commonly, a step-dad is the second husband of a child's biological mother. I live with my dad during the week and then visit my mom and step-dad every other weekend.

this is (someone)

informal Used to quote, paraphrase, or mimic the words of someone else, especially in a mocking or derisive manner. This is you right now—"Blah, blah, blah, I'm so important, everyone has to listen to me, blah de blah de blah!" So everyone is having this really serious discussion about what's going on in the world, and this is James: "You know, I got pulled over one time for having a tail light out. It was pretty scary." Like, read the room, James!
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Dad fetch my buttons!

Rur. What a surprise!; Goodness me! Dad fetch my buttons! It's a letter from Aunt Rita! Dad fetch my buttons, I never was so happy in all my life!
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n. a name for a gadget. I don’t know what they’re called. If they had names, they wouldn’t be doodads, now would they?


n. an old-fashioned person; an out-of-date person. Don’t be such a granddad. Live a little.


and hodaddy (ˈhodæd(i))
1. n. someone, usually a male, who poses (badly) as a surfer. (California. Possibly a blend of ho = whore and dad(dy) = male.) Who’s that hodaddy with the crumby looking board?
2. n. an obnoxious person; a repellent person. (California.) Ted is a total hodad.
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