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a Daniel come to judgement

A person who is or has been able to wisely resolve a particularly difficult problem or dispute. Coined by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, it alludes to the Biblical character Daniel, who was renowned for having excellent faculties of judgment. Primarily heard in UK. The newly elected prime minister has been a Daniel come to judgement, finally brokering a peace between the two warring countries. I'm voting for the candidate who's most likely to be a Daniel come to judgement before nuclear weapons are used! Mom says we need to reconcile this on our own, that she's sick of being a Daniel come to judgement.
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damn Daniel

slang A complimentary exclamation. The phrase originated in a Twitter video. Damn Daniel! You look good in that leather jacket.
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pull a Daniel Boone

slang To get drunk. Boy, you really pulled a Daniel Boone at the bar last night. Do you remember anything at all?
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