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Power management company Eaton today announced three new high performance hose cutting machines that will provide a higher level of operator safety with breakthrough technology used in the hose cutting process.
Offering this new hose cutting technology for a complete range of machines will reduce operator risk while increasing cutting effectiveness, said Doug Jahnke, product marketing manager, Eaton.
As the name suggests, hardwood cuttings are those taken from ripe wood that began to grow this spring and which has matured throughout the summer.
The basic principle of selecting wood for cuttings is the same for all the different plant types: use vigorous stems with healthy buds.
AUGUST is traditionally the time to take cuttings of geraniums and fuchsias to overwinter in manageable-sized pots.
The cuttings should then be placed in a 3" (8cm) pot of seed and cutting compost.
Spring and early summer, when plant growth is soft and fleshy (not woody), is the best time to take cuttings, although many nonclumping perennials can be rooted from stem cuttings taken almost any time the growth is still soft.
Take cuttings only from healthy plants, and choose vigorous young shoots or side shoots.
In 1970, I had the opportunity to become involved in a series of studies sponsored by the National Science Foundation on the effect of cutting on nutrient cycling and productivity, forest-stream interactions, and other ecosystem-level phenomena in old-growth forests.
If we take a pie-cutting approach, the result is commodity-producing lands managed intensively for high yields of wood fiber, plus preserved lands that are completely withdrawn from timber cutting.
01% of the contaminants in these cuttings leaving clean fill that can be redeposited into the ground or otherwise handled in an environmentally compliant manner.
Many plants will root easily if cuttings are taken before the wood becomes too tough, despite the days getting shorter and the nights damper.
To root cuttings from shrubs, ground covers, perennial herbs, succulents or indoor plants, utilize a mix consisting of one part sand and one part peat moss.
Club members will cut plants early this morning, so all the slips and cuttings are fresh, Udels said.
I went back for cuttings every year,'' recalled Stafford, who joined the club 15 years ago.