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barmy on the crumpet

Eccentric or weird. In this phrase, a "crumpet" (a muffinlike pastry) is synonymous with one's head, and "barmy" means "yeasty." What do you think of John's strange behavior lately? I'm starting to wonder if he's a bit barmy on the crumpet.
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the thinking man's/women's crumpet

One who is considered both intelligent and attractive, and is therefore sexually desirable. It's clear that she's trying to present herself as the thinking man's crumpet, always carrying around those books.
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The new pancakes and crumpets were perfected at the Village Bakery's state-of-the-art Baking Academy and Innovation Centre on Wrexham Industrial Estate.
The new pancakes and crumpets were perfected at the Village Bakery's state-ofthe-art Baking Academy and Innovation centre on Wrexham Industrial Estate.
Warburtons Crumpets came a close second in the US, but were the favourite for expats in Spain.
Now, Asda is inviting crumpet lovers to add a splash of spookiness with its new range of pumpkin-themed treats.
Warburtons has said it has temporarily stopped making crumpets at two of itsbakeriesdue to the lack of CO2 available.
YULE LOVE IT: Heston's choc pud, popping spread and the crumpet trees
It started supplying the Knightsbridge store and its other UK city outlets with luxury, foil-wrapped Classic Crumpets, but Mullen quickly realised it was not the right supplier for his company's product.
If you''re in need of a quick fix, crumpets make the perfect base for these speedy pizzas.
Kingsmill Crumpets - Fastest growing crumpets in impulse[2], Kingsmill Crumpets are irresistible when toasted, and eight are now available for the price of six.
On the Royal Wedding Day on April 29, 2011, the hotel will host a Crumpets and Couture event at Seasons Restaurant, which includes afternoon tea and a fashion show featuring collections of designers, Karen Millen and LK Bennett.
4 crumpets 200g vegetarian Somerset goat's cheese (2 x 100g packs) each pack cut into 6 slices 35g butter for crumpets (or to taste) Method
"Tea & Crumpets: Recipes & Rituals from European Tearooms & Cafes" is an elegantly beautiful, bound tea cookbook that contains tasteful reductions of the history of tea in addition to a selection of classic tea recipes and suggestions for savories, scones, and sweets, plus a sampling of various Western European tea customs as well as a traveler's guide to European tearooms.
Then in August the whiff of scandal put a stink on the very sport whose name is synonymous with "fair play." For the first time since the Raj introduced tea and crumpets to the region, Pakistan's cricket team forfeited a test match against Great Britain after the refs ruled that the Pakistani players had tampered with the ball, a capital offense among the ultra-civilized, white-shirted players who break for high tea.