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cross-eyed drunk

Extremely drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were cross-eyed drunk!
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look at (one) cross-eyed

To glance at one in a threatening, insolent, or contemptuous manner. Usually used hypothetically. You're on thin ice, Jim—from here on out, if you so much as look at me cross-eyed, I'll have you fired so fast it will make your head spin.
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cross-eyed (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He sat on the bar stool, cross-eyed and crying.
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Each story explains an important road safety message from Hector, featuring talking telepathic cycle helmets and even a cross, crosseyed zebra.
The quartet were soon joined by a string section, opening up the arrangements of Life During Wartime, Crosseyed And Painless and Once In A Lifetime.
It crossed my mind, 2000, shows a woman slowly moving one raised finger toward her nose in order to look crosseyed; as the finger approaches her nose, her face comes into focus, only to go out of focus again as the camera pans away to a purple SUV.