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Cross your fingers and hope the Eiffel Tower still stands after Stu Pickles, Tommy, Chuckle, Angelica, Lil, Phil, Baby Dil and Didi bead to the City of Lights.
The actress is backing the Kit Kat Cross Your Fingers campaign, which was launched by Sir Geoff Hurst and a host of other patriotic celebrities.
Time to cross your fingers - and in future, your legs as well.
Cross your fingers and hope no one listens to party animal Christian's plan of action.
Cross your fingers and hope Vacarro wasn't a major player here.
So cross your fingers because today we're dreaming of what would be a truly glorious summer success.
This is when you always hold your breath and cross your fingers because more than half of the 240 students, ages 12-22, who attend Leichman High come from low-income families, Scheuer knows.
Now the district police are supposed to move in on May 4, but cross your fingers, just in case.