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rich as Croesus

Very wealthy, as in They're rich as Croesus, with their penthouse, yacht, and horses. This term alludes to Croesus, the legendary King of Lydia and supposedly the richest man on earth. The simile was first recorded in English in 1577.
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rich as Croesus

If someone is as rich as Croesus, they are very rich. He's as rich as Croesus, and getting richer all the time. Note: Croesus was the ruler of Lydia, a kingdom in Asia Minor, in the 6th century BC. He was famous for being very rich.
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(as) rich as ˈCroesus

(informal) extremely rich OPPOSITE: (as) poor as a church mouseCroesus was a very rich king in Lydia, Asia Minor, in the sixth century BC.
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richer than Croesus

Very wealthy. Croesus ruled an ancient Asia Minor kingdom who amassed a fabulous amount of wealth (he is also credited with having minted the first gold coins). How he would have compared to computer moguls and hedge-fund tycoons can never be measured, but his name lived on as someone who wasn't worried about where his next meal was coming from. “Rockefeller” was the late 19th- and 20th-century comparison: “He spends money like he's Rockefeller.” A Chock Full O' Nuts commercial included the line “better coffee Rockefeller's millions can't buy” until the Rockefeller family requested a change to “better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy.”
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After three or four days of enjoying the riches and entertainments of the palace, Croesus then posed to Solon whether in all his travels he had ever seen a happier man (1.
Croesus assumes that he is the most blessed individual in the world because of his great wealth and political accomplishments.
When access was gained to the stern of the Croesus via the cofferdam it was found the damage was more extensive than originally thought because many rivets securing hull plates along the sides of the ship near the stern shaft had been loosened by the impact.
44) The archaeological evidence for a Carian presence in Sardis is dated to one of the only two periods during which Carians are prominently recorded in Greek sources describing Mermnad affairs: that is, to the periods when Alyattes and Croesus ruled.
He has now transformed himself into Sir Anthony of Croesus and I must query whether he has his eye on a top job in the Vatican; his abilities know no bounds.
Despite being one of the most respected artists in the world, with more wealth than Croesus, he's not happy.
The original temple was built at the direction of Croesus, the famously wealthy king of Lydia in western Turkey, in 550 BC.
1, Croesus proved to be engaging music theater in German Baroque style.
Those gems also figure in OTTO's idealized picture of his absent parent, and his belief the man might still return: "March right in, rich as Croesus, sacks of emeralds, panthers in tow.
Equally radical is Berndt-Ersoz's theory that the Midas Monument, the most magnificent of all Phrygian rock-cut facades, was essentially a Lydian dedication, made by Croesus in the name of his son Atys.
The first gold coin issued in the 6th century by wealthy King Croesus of Lydians in Asia Minor was oblong-shaped.
and ended at 115th Street and Croesus Avenue, said Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department's Media Relations Section.
The fifth century BCE Greek historian Herodotus reports that the Athenian lawgiver Solon advised Croesus, the King of Lydia, to assess no one's happiness until his/her life has been completed; Solon could afford to do this, for he was going to leave Croesus' capital shortly thereafter.
They, contrariwise, suggest that you think first of "What would Croesus do?
In their terminology they ask, "What Would Croesus (rhymes with Jesus) Do?